45 day Assessment program

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    Our attorney is suggesting we go for this in the manifestation hearing. He says it is an out of district day program my son would go to for 45 days that is academic and therapeutic. What exactly do they do there and is it a good idea? What should we expect from it?
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    I am not exactly sure what they would do because I am not familiar with-your school, but I can tell you my difficult child is in an out of district therapeutic school. He is 6 yrs old. Some of the things he is provided with are group therapy (daily), individual therapy (weekly) and classroom instruction. He also is in the process of having an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation done, after that he will receive Occupational Therapist (OT) services because he has sensory processing disorder (SPD) (Sensory Processing Disorder). He is in a small class of 8. He has blossomed since he started there 3 months ago. His reading and math comprehension have just exploded. He also has a para (a 1 on 1) to assist him if needed. It has been a positive environment for him. I would imagine that they are suggesting this to you so that they can do evaluations on your child while your child still receives his education.
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    I have a friend who's 8 yr old is in a therapeutic school (I think this is his 3rd) and my friend said to visit the schools (sometimes there may be more than one) and give the SD input as to which you like. I've heard that the ones around here really gear more towards counseling and behavior interventions rather than on education - so check the school(s) out....that's my advice.....