45 days!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. toughlovin

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    So my son posted that it has been 45 days since he has had a drink! We have been on vacation and had a wonderful trip. We came back and talked to him and he still sounds good.... Still in the program but in the step down house which is all good. He is looking at sober living but wants a place close so that he can continue with the support! He is recovering from his operation and so seems to be doing pretty well! A part of me feels a little nervous because I dont have my eyes on him but he sounds positive and his FB post is positive so all that is good.

    Those of you who are feeling disheartened by the roller coaster ride, take heart.... I have so been there and but this time things still sound and feel different.
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  2. pasajes4

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  3. Nancy

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    That's great news TL!!! You may have told us but I forgot, what was his surgery for?
  4. Calamity Jane

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    I'm really, really rooting for him, TL! Wonderful self control and determination.
  5. toughlovin

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    he had a hernia that needed surgery. I was worried about the pain medications but he went to their detox so they could manage the mess which they did...then switched him to ibuprofen which he is off of now too.
  6. recoveringenabler

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    Great news TL. I am here on the sidelines too, rootin' for him!
  7. lovemyson1

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  8. comatheart

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    Yay for positive updates! I hope it continues!!
  9. Childofmine

    Childofmine one day at a time

    I am so glad tl. It can happen. Fingers crossed and prayers for continuing progress...not perfection...but progress.

    And I hope you are starting to reclaim your life as well.

    Just so glad.
  10. toughlovin

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    Wow wow wow.... i got another call from him today. He is talking to them about staying in the PHP housing as his sober living, doing IOP in the mornings, going to meetings at night and looking for a job in the afternoon!! Have no idea if this will work but he is clearly trying to figure out how to stay near by so he can continue with the support. And one of the people there approached him and told him when he has 6 months clean time they would offer him a job!! Wow. I know a lot of treatment programs do hire people in recovery for staff.... and he is talking about trying to get his certificate in addictions counseling!!! He feels pretty good about all of this.... so yes I am still guarded but no matter what happens this feels amazing!
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  11. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    Yeah! I am so happy for your son!

    Please keep us updated!

  12. Kathy813

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    I'm doing the happy dance!

  13. FlowerGarden

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    So happy for your son! So happy for you, too!
  14. worried sick mother

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    So happy for you![emoji4]
  15. lovemyson1

    lovemyson1 Active Member

    Love this!! Be happy. Enjoy this time. I'm pulling for him!
  16. haunter

    haunter New Member

    Those are really extraordinary news! Positive vibes your way!