48 hr video EEG result

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    During the video, it was discovered that difficult child's blood pressure is low much of the time. Although it is still in "normal" range, it is on the very low side and may be the cause of his wierd feelings and seeing spots.

    The EEG came back clear so no seizure activity. This leaves us with the diagnosis of low blood pressure, migrane variant, and anxiety.

    The neurologist wants to check out one more thing before settling on these diagnosis - cardiaology. difficult child sees a cardiologist on Friday to make sure there is no problems in that area that could be the cause of the low blood pressure and seeing spots.

    For low blood pressure, he is to increase salt and water/gaterade in his diet. He was given a letter to ask the school to allow him to carry a water bottle or gaterade into the classrooms. I thought he was and he told me today that he was not.

    It is so hard to keep enough liquids in him. He can not wait until he feels thirsty to drink something. The neurologist wants him to drink gaterade and water to keep migranes and headaches at bay also.
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    Hopefully the cardio consult will be clean. I know what you mean about the fluids issue being a battle. difficult child 2 does not drink enough -- some mornings his urine is way too dark (nope, he never remembers to flush in the morning). The low BiPolar (BP) makes sense about the weird feelings... maybe it's like vertigo? Both my husband and difficult child 1 suffer from this periodically.
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    Sounds like you have a clearer picture of what is going on. My blood pressure is almost always on the very low side of normal (due to my Addison's disease). Drinking lots of water really does help me from getting headaches and I need to have lots of salt in my diet which is fine by me since I'm a salt freak! by the way. I used to see spots too, has he been checked for Addison's?

    I hope the cardio report comes back with good results.
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    Sounds like you've got some good info. I know how hard it is to get these kids to cooperate!
    Best of luck with-the cardio results.
    After all of this, you can take a break and rest awhile!
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    Sounds like you have a smart neuro. Be careful with the gatorade and weight. Drinking it all day can really pack on the pounds. If he doesn't like plain water try adding a bit of lemon, lime or orange juice to it. Not a lot, just enough to give it a slightly different flavor. You can try the dasani essence drinks for an idea of what it should be like. They have no sweeteners, just teh fruit flavor.

    You are SO right about needing to drink before he is thirsty. It is my pet peeve about the 2nd-12th grades here. Before that they are given a water bottle to keep at their desk. They refill it at the water fountain. Starting in 2nd grade they cannot have a bottle. The fountain in the classroom is supposed to be enough. But if they just get up and go over there while the teacher is talking they get into trouble.

    Be sure to follow up to make sure no teacher is forbidding the water bottle. One with a sport top might be more classroom friendly.
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    Phew/whew, Andy. If it all comes down to drinking water & a bit more salt. difficult child can learn to carry a water bottle.

    Every student at both of the tweedles schools a water bottle is required. At the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), the water bottle is also required & the kids there down 3 bottles on average. (kt & I both have 3 water bottles here at home.)

    Our SD along with the psychiatrist at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) are very aware of the affects of dehydration.

    by the way, I had to drink something with salt when my BiPolar (BP) bottomed out; diet sodas were also pushed because of the amount of sodium.
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    Thank you all! You all have great ideas for me to keep in mind.

    difficult child will drink bottled water so if I limit the gaterade we should be o.k. I can give him timelines of when to have the gaterade (like before, during, after phy-ed) and the rest of the time has to be water.

    I really will be surprised if we find anything in cardiology but it is so good to have a doctor who will cover all the possibilities - even remote when the heart is concerned.

    I will look into Addison's Disease and take questions to the next neurology appointment.

    Increasing salt should not be a problem. I usually avoid salt and we don't usually have chips or salty foods around. Easy solution for a 13 yr old is to give a few chips at each meal or for snacks. We need to keep aware of not overdoing it also.