4th July


one day at a time
Thanks Lucy! We are at the lake, and last night we sat outside until after dark finding patriotic songs on Spotify and listening to them...it was fun!

I think of the Fourth more as a chance for a mini vacation than anything. The weather is great here---sunny and in the low 80s, and we're going to get out on the lake on the new jetskis with easy child and his fiancee today, cook out tonight, and just "be".

And yes, we are proud of our country, most of us, even with all of its warts. We don't all agree with each other or our politicians and I imagine that is what it is like in the rest of the world.

The media images are often not accurate---I have had this conversation with my Canadian friends for a long time. They say: We like Americans when we get to know you one at at time! Funny.

What people don't realize about Americans is that we can disagree all day long about whatever, but when it comes to things like 9/11, there are no liberals and conservatives. We are just one people, completely united. That is something terrorists misunderstand about us.

The doves turn into hawks, overnight!

Enjoy the weekend, Americans and those across the Pond, alike! We're not dressing up the dog but she's here with us!;)