5 Ways of Accepting What You Can't Change

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    Thank you. I needed this.
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    I love it. Especially the part about creating instead of staying stuck.


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    Love this! Thank you!
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    Reminders like this never get old. It's like hitting the "refresh" button.
    Thanks SWOT
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    I love the reminder that the definition of my most hated word ever "stupid" is to keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

    These articles are very empowering. We don't just deal with our adult children, we have to deal with other people too who try to control us and tell us who we are and what we are. Or we DID deal with them and, frankly, your mother can be dead twenty years, but she is never really dead until you bury her in your mind. I found this useful on many levels.

    I wanted to tell all those people who were enabling their children to STOP and come here and learn. It's a new way of life. And it is pervasive in dealing with ALL dysfunctional people. How dare we let others tell us who and what we are? How dare they tell us to our faces, directly or indirectly (they can get the hate message to us by telling talkative relatives, Facebook pages, and sending texts) that WE ARE NO GOOD and THEY ARE.

    I am learning so much my head is spinning. Frankly, I just know I will never deal with people the same again, even those I once loved. I am going to do what is best for me and my real family. Drama queens are not allowed in my life...at all. If you live a crazy life, like to take risks, get into trouble, drink and get into trouble because of that, use drugs, cheat, have constant angst...please do not apply to be in my life.

    My favorite word ever is "Serentiy." If I had a child today I'd ake the news..haha...but I'd also name her Serenity. My granddaughter is so serene it makes me glow from the inside out. She is very positive energy. Guess that's what being loved on all the time does to a child. Too bad we missed out, but...life is hard and not fair.
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