5 weeks in hospital - still changing medications...

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    Hello all, hope everyone is doing well. I am hanging on by a thread!! I want so much to be done with all of this craziness. I know that is just a fantasy. :( My daughter has been in the hospital almost 5 weeks and she is doing better, however not stable yet. They have switched her medications so much I can't keep up. They put her on Haldol 4 times a day. This kid has been sleeping her days away. I told the doctor I want her off of it as it is only sedating her. How on earth are they going to be able to see if she is stable if she is sleeping all of the time?? So now, she will be put on Serequol. She is not happy about that, she was on that a few years ago and had bad side effects from it. She said she heard voices and had pins and needles in her hands and feet while on it. I told this to the doctor, but he was adamant about her trying it again. So I reluctantly agreed only if they would take her off as soon as she reported those same side effects. So now she will be taken off Geodon and the Haldol, she will be taking Lithium, Lamictal, and Serequol. Once the Lamictal reaches therapeutic levels she will be weaned off Lithium. Aaaah, the medication maze continues.....

    I have to say I really am pleased with the hospitals aggressive approach to stabilizing my daughter. This is the longest she has ever been hospitalized. She has been inpatient 9 times to date and usually she is put on new medications and kicked out the door within a week. This is her first time in this particular hospital and it has proved to be the best one. They wont discharge her until they see concrete proof that she is stable. I am so grateful for that. I don't always agree with the medication choice, but hey they ARE trying!!

    We have court August 21st. Originally they were going to remand her into a detention center and then place her into yet another Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (4th one). Since my new sw has come into our lives things are actually happening to our benefit (finally). She will no longer be considered a JD, she will be under the care of the state as a psychiatric patient, which opens up a whole new set of services she will qualify for. Why put her back into a situation that is based on behavior without the psychiatric component? Makes no sense. We are looking into getting her a program with DBT therapy to treat her Borderline diagnosis. So hopefully I will finally see some results. It has been a long and painful journey, 5 years to no avail!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Just wanted to give an update and vent a little. Thanks for listening. God bless. :)
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    I am so sorry more has not been done. I know you miss her and want her healthy and happy. I hope the seroquel will not make her sick again.

    I know how hard it is to have htem placed in a hospital, esp with younger ones at home.

  3. Hugs!

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    Yay to getting her off Haldol. That stuff is horrible! They probably just wanted to get her stabilized, to be able to move her onto something new, which is great.

    I am glad the phosph is aggressive, and listening.

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    Actually I think this is a great update. It does take time and the haldol could be giving your daughters brain and body the time it needs to sleep and recuperate. The DBT should help a lot. Im glad they are keeping her in the hospital until they see some concrete results.
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    I'm so glad they are taking this seriously and refusing to let her go home until she is stabilized. Hugs to you as I know how wearing this is.
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    Thanks for the update, I've been thinking about you. Sending hugs.
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    usually she is put on new medications and kicked out the door within a week

    ah yes this was how it was both time difficult child II was hospitalized, glad to hear there's progress happening for you, prayers they will get it right for difficult child
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    I'm with the others- I'm sure it is breaking your hurt and more than a little frustrating. But, I always get the "this is what ins will pay for" so that's the length of care difficult child gets. I begged to get difficult child in a psychiatric hospital for a few weeks stay to do a medication wash or medication change. Otherwise, if he goes off the deep end, it is his record and Butt in detention and I get blamed for it. Yet, no one here wants to pay for an evaluation like that for him and I can't switch him off lithium at home- we tried 3 times. I think in the long run, this is much better for you both- plus- if they now have her classified as needing help and are willing to provide it rather than sock her in detention- she's getting a great chance.

    Hang in there- I'm sure it must be tough on you. Just try to remember or think about what could happen if she were at home without being stabilized on the right medications yet.
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    Thank you all for your kind words of support. I really do think we are moving in a positive direction. I am looking forward to the DBT therapy, I have heard such great things about it. She keeps reminding me that she will be 18 soon (in Feb) and she can make her own choices then and she will stop all medications as well as therapy. I am nervous about that, however I am just trying to take it one day at a time. Besides, my new sw and I are working to get me legal guardianship over her mental health. She wont be happy about that, but oh well!!

    Thanks again, I will update soon. God bless. :)