5 year old attacked her teacher

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    my 5 year old daughter attacked her teacher in the lunch room because her teacher wanted her to get back in line so she was suspended for 10 days. I need help. she needs that school.
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    Welcome. Does your daughter have a diagnosis? An IEP? Can you give us some more background?

    In our school, any and all attacks on staff and teachers are treated with the utmost severity. They are NOT goofing around. However, a diagnosis and and IEP can go a long way to helping in these situations if the behavior is a result of the diagnosis. I was immediately imagining my DD1. She's always had a horrific time in the cafeteria, and although she has never physically attacked anyone, she's had her fair share of spectacles. She only has a 504, but teachers and staff know that the chaos and noise of the cafeteria can set her off so they are to treat her with "kid gloves" so it doesn't escalate any more.
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    Sorry you had to find us but you won't regret that you did.

    First off, has she ever been seen by a child psychiatrist or neuropsychologist? Does she have any mental health diagnosis? Is she on any medications? Is this the first time there have been issues at school? do you have any issues with her at home? Does she have an IEP at school?

    Second, I would appeal the length of the suspension. Unless she assaulted with some sort of weapon, 10 days is a long time for a 5 eyar old. Write a formal letter to the principal, superintendent AND the school board members (individually) asking that they reconsider the length of the suspension. Admit that she should not have aggressed against a teacher but argue that two weeks off school for a kindergartener (or preschooler) is not going to accomplish much beyond an extended vacation. Suspensions are to "teach a lesson".

    In order to really help, we need more information. Exactly what have you experienced before and what exactly happened? We will advise you any way we can, usually with good results, but we don't have any information to go by.
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    Hi, I agree with the others. Does she have any indication...as in has there been ANY discussion anywhere that there might be a disability of some kind, whether emotional, behavioral, learning challenges, adhd, sensory (which I woudl suspect if she got so upset about the line issue.....) If a child is even suspected of a disability and you write a formal letter (certified, return receipt tot he principal and Special Education department) if you do not have an IEP already (an IEP is an individual education program to support kids with unique learning needs due to a disability)....

    Anyway, writing that letter to ask for an evaluation of her behaviors can afford you protection under the law. ten days for kids on an IEP is the max. before some specific guidelines have to take place.

    If you let us know if she has had any other issues, behaviors, learning issues in school it will help us guide you.
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    Wow, ten days? I agree with the others... that seems like a LOT.
    I can sympathize though, my son has been suspended multiple times, though only for a day or half day at a time, and he has thrown chairs, hit, bit, etc. What exactly were the circumstances of the attack? I wonder what a five year old could have done to warrant such a long suspension. I agree 100% with the other posters... get her evaluated.
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    so sorry. Is it a special placement school? Were they eexercising her crisis plan before this happened? Hang in there hun. AOG
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    Hi and welcome.

    Can you please tell us more about your child's history? It is hard to know what support to give you when we don't know much about the child. What was she like up until now? What is her story? Is she normally violent or contrary?
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    That does seem like a terribly long time. When my daughter hit another boy in the head with a big stick, she only got suspended for 1/2 a day. She was in 2nd grade. How exactly did she attack the teacher?