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    My son was on a IEP since he was in preschool, first for speech problems and then for non specified learning disabilities. well this year he is in 6th grade (redid K supposed to be in 7th) and they said he does not qualify for an IEP anymore cause his IQ is just low so there isnt as big of a discrepancy as there used to be.

    I finally got his counselor to set him up with a neuropsychologist exam after talking to me like i didnt know what i was talking about when i requested this...(which of course i have to wait for them to call and actually set the date) but at least it is planned.

    my question is if the tests show that there is a low IQ or anything else (what exactly does this test show???)
    Can he be put back on a IEP? I am worried about him going to junior high next year cause he gets so frustrated with the work he does now and he is still way below grade level he is just gonna fall deeper and deeper through the cracks.

    Any information is appreciated!
    Thank You.
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    My understanding (and we're in the midst of an assessment for my son's first IEP... had a 504 before) is that if there is any learning disability, psychological, or neurodevelopmental problem identified which significantly impairs the child's ability to learn or function at school, then they will have to use the IEP format for providing supports. And once an IEP is in place, even if the school wants to pull it, you can contest that request and they have to keep the plan in place while the issue is worked out.

    Here's a web site with oodles of info on Special Education issues -- this link sends you to their page for IEPs:


    Good luck!