504 meeting and Clonidine

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Dec 10, 2010.

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    We had a great meeting yesterday. Manster's teacher kept telling the rest of the group that he was one of his best students and even through he'd had a couple of bad weeks those weeks were better than 30 percent of the class' best. It was nice to hear. The 6th grade team with the exception of the math teacher get him. This is the first year that has clicked for him and I do think the Ritalin has played a part.

    So the question is how long to give him to adjust to the decrease in clonidine before giving up on it. We decided to do it just to see if he could manage without it as he's on a lot of medications as it is. It is only .5 mg and I didn't think it would make such a difference but he is, well, squigglier. He's more hyper and unable to sit still. He still gets 1.5 mg at night. I suppose we could divide up that but I don't want to mess with what is working at night: SLEEP!

    The teacher told me something funny that the other 6th grade teacher (Science) told him Danny said in his class. They were talking about AD and BC and when it was mentioned that BC is Before Christ he went "OH, I thought that was before cable". He said it in just such an innocent way that they were cracking up. Truth is he used to think that years ago but has known better for a while. He really is the class clown!

    The teacher did say he sure is noticing the girls more and I was like "yeah", already busted up an attempt of his and some other kids to have a spin the bottle party. Not ready for this!! AHHH
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    Mine was taken off it cold turkey and her only issue was not being able to sleep. You should be okay on a nighttime only dose I would think.
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    I'd ask difficult child how he feels with and without the extra .5mg. I know by that age, Eeyore could tell when the addition or removal of a medication helped him. I think Tigger can tell as wel, even though he doesn't verbalize it, but he no longer fights taking the medications.