504 meeting today -- handwriting issue update


Here we go again!
I had an update meeting for difficult child 2's 504 plan this afternoon, and things went well. husband was home today, so he also attended -- that's a FIRST for him for the past EIGHT years that I've been going to these!!! :thumb:

First of all, I have to tell you all how much staff appreciated getting the intro-to-difficult child 2 letter that I gave them on the first day of school. This is the second year I've done this with him (did it for difficult child 1 as well), and it has made a huge difference in how people approach his situation. They are much more open and accommodating, and I feel like I've had a chance to tell his story and have my concerns be heard.

With regard to difficult child 2's severe handwriting problems, we all agreed that it was a medication issue, since he was able to write well before the medications stopped working last November (as evidenced by the samples I brought with me). While they won't do an O.T. evaluation, they said he is no longer required to write in cursive, and he is allowed to type his homework, whenever applicable. The goal for him is to work on legibility as best he can, but everyone agrees that he will not be penalized for his poor handwriting since it is clearly beyond his control.

He is not required to do any homework beyond one hour per night. I just need to communicate with the teachers if he isn't able to finish it all.

As for the behavior problems he had last year with labile mood and poor impulse control, it appears that those issues are non-existent at this time. Whew! I was so relieved to hear that he's getting his work done, participating in class, and getting along well with others. He does still seem to be a little fidgety, and that is likely due to the stimulant. Once we get that piece sorted out (like maybe he needs a third medication in the mix... I just don't know what yet), the handwriting and twitching will hopefully resolve. Time for another call to the psychiatrist to see if we can get this worked out.

The school is going to look into restarting the social skills class that they had three years ago, too. It only ran for one year, and then we lost the school psychiatric who organized it after she left for maternity leave. The person who took over for her either didn't know about the program or didn't have time to implement it, and then we got another new psychiatric last year. The principal is new, too, and so I think having someone with a fresh and positive attitude helps, since she's the one who is going to get the ball rolling on this.

The assistant principal said she'd keep an eye on difficult child 2 at lunch time to make sure he eats, since we're concerned about his recent weight loss and appetite issues.

I feel so much better about difficult child 2's situation now. Just have to keep fine-tuning the medications and hope that everyone remembers what we've agreed to. I'll just have to remind them if it seems like things are slipping later on, and I don't think it will be a problem at all.

It's so nice to feel relaxed about something for a change! :smile:


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:bravo: :bravo:

I love to hear about the school and parents working as a team! Hooray for you and hooray for the school.

The real winner here is your difficult child. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great year for your difficult child.



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It's really good when the teamwork kicks in. it IS a group effort, it isn't always easy to make things work well, but this sounds like good communication, all round.

Here's hoping this helps difficult child.



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:bravo: That is great news. This is the way it is supposed to work! Sounds like difficult child is getting the accoms/mods he needs. The social skills class sounds great! Wish they would offer one at my difficult child's school!!

Good fighting :warrior: