504 plan meeting for easy child/difficult child next week

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  1. I met this morning with my daughter's teachers and her school counselor because she has been missing school and I wanted them to be aware that I am working on things with her and that I am aware of what is going on. She is still having anxiety issues and her moods are all over the place. She isn't sleeping and when she does it isn't a restful sleep. Anyway, one of the teachers asked about home services for her. My daughter's counselor thought that would a great idea to check into. She called and told me that they need to schedule a 504 plan meeting and get a 504 plan in place in order to do this.

    We will have a 504 plan meeting on 10/22. I was wondering what do I need to know before I go to this meeting? What should I anticipate? Anything else I need to know?


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    When you say "home services," do you mean a tutor to come to your house and give your daughter home instruction?
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    It sounds like they want to home bound her.

    That may be just what she needs to get her anxiety in check, then slowly transition her back to full-time.

    Do some research on home bound.

    What you DO NOT want to do is let them get out of educating difficult child. Don't let her get behind. 1 - 2 hours of instruction per week just won't get it.
  4. Thank you Sheila.

    Smallworld. Just like Sheila said, I think that they are referring to homebound services.

    I will update more about her and difficult child on the General board.

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    Christy, at least in our SD, I don't think you need a 504 or IEP to obtain homebound services. What you do need is a statement from a medical doctor (psychiatrist in your case) about why homebound is necessary.

    I'd recommend requesting an evaluation for an IEP instead of a 504 plan. The IEP will afford you greater protection under the law.
  6. thanks smallworld. I will check into that.