504 Specialist reporting falling grades, again

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    When the doe here sent down a desition to cut IEP students my son and others were given 504. My son is a viguerous learner so the fact is he needs only a little accomidation, really. And just as when he was being neglected by the school with the IEP, he is continually not recieving the attention from the 504 specialist.
    The participation from my end is to e-mail to gather the info weekly. Which I have done. And when I did not have internet working I also have called and gone to the school to be appraised of what I erroniously atributed to the facts.
    It was pure hog wash. The last examples were in December when papers showing excellant grades were shown to me. Then last week I was told another hog wash story.
    Today FIANLLY an e-mail in which a desisively lowered overall grade attainment is called "doing well". His GPA has dropped each quarter and zero effort to aid him in any manner, and zero honest information is sent to me to support his achievement.
    I am so angry!
    And all you who want to go on about "his choice" just edit yourself. This is about the accomidation as per his evidenced abillity and not about weither he "wants" to learn. He is an excellant learner. Now he is learning to do less. And it is the slacker teachers and lazy specialists who are doing the lesson demonstration.
    These same nit wits were not willing to help me when I was seeking interventions as,according to them, he is doing a great job at school. He is one of the fast learners who need do little to pass and achieve the average grades. They have absolutely resisted enrichements and now are slacking on merely honest facts.:mad::sick::surprise::mad::surprise::mad::mad::mad:!!!!
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    This is one of the major problems with having a child who is 2e. Too many people blow off the gifted/talented/voracious learner aspects. I would definitely kick the school into gear.
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    My difficult child has a 504 but I am determined to bump it to an IEP before MS. They haven't been making those accommodations at all. But his biggest challenge is with consistency. I talked with teacher about his struggling grades and she said he know the material but gets sloppy with how he presents it. IOW he doesn't use supporting details, or rushes and is messy, even though they are given plenty of time to finish.

    I feel your pain. No suggestions except to keep fighting for your son and I will try to do the same.
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    My next champain started with a hottie e-mail to the 504 specialist where I did type:you lie to me and tell me he is achieving As.
    If I had only called two meeting per year, and I have called more I assure you, then this will be my 22 meeting with teachers over basicly the same thing.
    The teachers that are doing a good job are glowing and I am very grateful.
    The teachers who are not doing a good job are blamers. The fact is that very few times this last quarter did a teacher make any effort to relay info in a timely manner to me.
    It is infuriating! I have learned how to e-mail and made the effort to match their convieniance as they insisted e-mailing is the prefered meathod. And then my e-mails are not responded to and my phone calls are not returned.
    When I contacted the school in October as I was aware that my son was
    having problems at home the conselor and vp INSISTED that they "do not worry about students who are doing well in school and having trouble at home"
    And where as that is consistant with the fact that the school does seem to have a policy of not worrying about the students who are failing at school and having trouble at home...why would students who go to school and are quickly learning a concern to the school? Home trouble or not.
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    Artna: This is my twelth year with this bright learner and the same lack luster
    attitude from the schools.
    I appreciate the enthusiasm you offer much. And I would it will be that you will leave a blazing trail that lights the way for those who follow after your bright children. I suggest you may need to acquire of set of sunglasses to illustrate the point for your meetings. As you pass out the shades to your
    "team" the fact that we are in and era when harnessing the rays of the sun,
    another bright star that we are all acquainted with, may help them to "stay in the light" and not run for the safe and cool shade where the pace is slower.
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    ((HUGS)) I'm sorry the SD isn't putting forth effort to teach him the way he learns. It's sad to see when a child is interested in learning but just can't process the information the way it's presented....

    wish I had some sort of magic wand to get these teachers to follow thru. sounds like they're really dropping the ball when they said that you shouldn't worry when kids are doing well....it shoudln't matter. Communication lines should be free flowing at all times so that if there is a potential for problems that we can put a plan in place to circumvent them.

    hope you find resolution to your situation
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    ML: oh been there done that...with the adhd who is sloppy and not descriptive I have this idea that works like adhd magic!
    I request the teachers modify their plan for one assignment early or soon after we meet in which they have the class submit work and instead of treating it like the final assignment return the work with these :
    Nice draft! Please rewrite this paper with the corrections and directions noted
    How does this work like adhd magic? Well they HATE rewrites and very quickly my son showed a fantastic leap in ability to write clearly the first time and to remember to embellish his thoughts using adjectives and adverbs and complete sentences.
    Also this works with like of shampo and repeat. As a modification for your childs learning needs the tool: rewrites lets teacher input the 'lessons' he is missing the first go. the point is to learn it, right?
    Can be applied to other subjects like MATH!
    Personally I feel in general when teachers are giving low marks with a lot of red ink and redundant directions most notably " I can not read this sloppy " and " need more description" the teachers are, in fact, missing the point of offering the corrections, even spelling, or my personal two favorites "don't rush" and "focus"
    when by offering their wishes on A DRAFT the teachers are giving the lesson of
    'proff reading' and rewrites resulting in papers that show more of what teacher wanted to be learned.
    It worked for my adhd learner. he adopted a format that he used over and over and he spent time thinking about adjectives and adverbs.
    When he would ask "Mom how do you spell ?" I would get the dictionary and look it up and then give him the book to copy the spelling out of himself. Eventually he would look things up himself.
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    I do think that's a great technique to hand the paper back and specify what you want from the student and for them to try again. I suspect, unfortunately, many teachers are too rushed and have too much material to cover in classes that are too large. Does not excuse, but maybe explains.

    I know in my difficult child 1's math department, students are allowed to submit test corrections for 1/2 credit when the do poorly on a test. Gives them a similar chance of understanding what they've done wrong.