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    My difficult child has ODD/ADHD and started middle school this year with his 504 from elem. school. He has been doing very poorly since the beginning of the school year and most of it is due to his choices not to follow the rules, participate, do the work, and his inability to focus. We have had several meetings with all of the teachers and counselors, but not much seems to improve and some of the teachers are getting tired of giving consessions to grant extensions, etc. They want all of the responsibility for the assignments to be on his shoulder's and he can't handle it.

    It is a nightly battle to get him on track, do homework, bring us reports from teachers, etc. What do we do when they aren't giving enough help to allow him to succeed? Because he isn't considered to have "special needs" he is treated like all the other children and I don't think it is fair when we are doing all we can aside from sitting in class with him all day (which we have done in previous years at school).

    One teacher even told my son that we were taking advantage of her and when I emailed her to confront her about her comments, guess what...she never bothered to respond. I just don't know what to do.
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    The transition from elementary to middle school is tough on our kids -- especially those with ADHD. Sometimes the behaviors may appear as "willfulness," but many times that's not actually the case.

    I recommend that you have him evaluated by the school district for an IEP.

    It's extremely important to send the letter via Certified Mail.

    There's a "Getting Started" thread in the archives. While some areas of Section 504 are similar to IDEA/IEP, there are vast differences also. If you're not intimately acquainted with IDEA, you will need to learn about your's and your son's educational rights in order to effectively advocate for him.

    I recommend you get you letter in the mail (no verbal request), do some reading in the Sp Ed Archives, then post additional questions if you have them.

    Info I consider important for all ADHDer's parents:

    Summary of a Barkley seminar on ADHD - https://web.archive.org/web/2006123...ng.org/pdfs/2200_7-barktran.pdf?date=11-14-00

    Demands of academics increase as children advance through school - http://www.conductdisorders.com/com...rease-as-children-advance-through-school.434/

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    Thank you so much. We had an evaluation a couple years ago, but I think you are right. We need another one. I will take your advice and get started on that right away.
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    You're welcome.:D