60 minutes report on mental illness treatment

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    In case you can, 60 minutes is airing a story related to a son who attacked his Dad...thought some of you might be interested...supposed to focus on lack of treatment
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    I missed this one.

    From anything I have seen, either when I was working or with my own daughter, the medications and treatments, though often very expensive, are neither appropriate nor effective. Often, because of weight gain, hair loss, other horrific ~ truly, horrific ~ side effects, the medications exacerbate an already unstable situation. As it is in any inpatient setting, the "disease", correctly diagnosed or not (and usually, that would be "not") takes precedence over the person ~ again, making an already unstable situation a thousand times worse. What comes to be a power over mess of medications and therapy passing for treatment leaves the designated "mentally ill" person without hope.

    I have seen research indicating ECT is effective in many cases of depression, though no one can say why.

    There is a woman diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic for whom no medication or treatment would help. She spiraled down and down and down. One day, she decided to stop all medications. She addressed the voices as parts of herself that needed to be healed and incorporated, and proceeded to do that. She has completed her Master's and is working toward her doctorate.

    No more medications.

    No more schizophrenia.

    She does a twenty minute TED presentation. I f anyone is interested, I will find and post, here.

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    I saw the program. The man is a state senator in Virginia. His son had bipolar disorder. His behavior was out of bounds and he was taken to the hospital. Apparently they were only allowed to hold him for eight hours in the ER as per state law. No psychiatric bed could be found for miles around so they were forced to let him go with tragic consequences (son slashed dad, then shot himself to death or killed by cops).

    I'll have to research this one more.
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    I'm glad you saw it...his name is Gus Deeds (the son)...you can find more about it online and the CBS site has it so you can play it...it's the first story and just heartbreaking...very sad story but also (I hope) raised awareness of how hard it is to find help!
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