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    ...to replace the stop sign Miss KT knocked down in December. The city just sent me the bill. $200 for administrative costs...do they mean the officer that came out to chat with us? Or the public works dispatcher who made a phone call on a Sunday morning? Miss KT is irritated that "even after charging that much, I didn't get to keep the sign!"

    Since Useless Boy also signed her permit, and she did not yet have her license, I copied the bill and sent it to him, telling him his half was due ASAP. Of course, I also sent a copy to his mother, from whom all monies flow, because I know he won't pay it, and will probably not even admit he received it. Passive aggressive at its finest...not.
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  3. Abbey

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    Well, when you count in break time, vacation time and emotional stress of having to process this claim, I guess you can come up to that amount.

    What a world we live in.

  4. HereWeGoAgain

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    Don't you love how they pull numbers out of thin air and then calculate it to the last penny? Not $600 even, $602.66.
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    Administrative costs is probably sending in all of the paperwork to explain why they need a new sign and ordering it.

    :rofl: You gotta admit, it's kind of funny!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    (que music)

    STOP !!!!!! In the name of love - BEFORE YOU BREAK MY BANK!!:tongue:
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    :rofl: at Star and Witz!
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    Ouch, stopsigns are expensive!

    Very funny Star!
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    :cutie_pie::crazydriver::sorry::hearye::faint: :grrr: :check_writer::soapbox:
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    So...did you get to keep the one she knocked down????
  11. Hound dog

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    :rofl: :rofl:

    I think I'd demand the sign I paid for, just to be a little gfgish myself. ;)
  12. Shari

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    Heck, no, MissKT can't have it. But as her mother, I would want it.
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    wow, that's alot, guess they could not fix the old one?
  14. susiestar

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    Hey, it's a LOT cheaper than a firehydrant. My bro still gritches that he didn't get to keep the one he hit as a teen and had to pay to replace. He argued the bill because it didn't take "depreciation" of the one he hit into account. So they charged him MORE, LOL!!!

    My parents fronted the $$ and then made him work his tuckus off to repay it.

    Sorry, this kind of thing stinks about having teen drivers. Will her insurance pay any of it, and is it worth it to approach the insurance co?

    Hugs to mommy.
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    Personally, I'd demand that they give ME the stop sign and I'd hold it up in front of her CONSTANTLY!

    "Mom, can I use the car?"


    "Mom, can I stay at so and so's tonight?"


    "Mom, I'll do the dishes later"


    "Mom, can I eat the last ice cream cone?"


    By the way, you can submit this bill to the insurance company. There's no deductible on the liability coverage on your auto policy, so they'd pay the whole thing.

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    Since she only had a permit, and she was backing the truck off of our property, I didn't want to file an insurance claim. We have a $500 deductible anyway. We tried to take the stop sign off the sawhorse they set it on while replacing the signpost, but they'd screwed it down or something, so we couldn't get it. If I'd known it would cost this much, I'd have gone out there with a screwdriver!

    The up side of all this is that this will really tick off Useless Boy and his mother, from whom all monies flow. I swear that woman has a seizure anytime she has to write a check with my name on it, even if it is something that benefits her only grandchild.
  17. Shari

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    Sometimes, if all you find is glory in ticking off the mother in law's....well, sometimes that's just enough.

    Enjoy, grammy.

    (I'm bad tonight)
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    Im glad for you it did not happen say this summer. They might have also added on a gas surchage of say $800 more?

    Seriously, that hoovers. sorry it cost so much.