7 days of school... a years worth of drama already...

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    I am ready to home school difficult child after one week and two days of this school year. But, I know that if I did, one of us would probably not survive it. She has the "boyfriend from hell" and is drawn to drama like a magnet or like flies to a pile of excrement. On top of all that... her supposedly zero hour on Monday and Friday (7am to 8am) for a special choir was mainly just a fluke to get to school early and hang with the boyfriend from H. Yes, I have been getting up early and leaving the house by 6:45am twice a week thinking I had to get her to school by 7am. What a crock.

    Now, because some "girl" made a pass at boyfriend from H and he turned her down, that girl wants to fight difficult child over it. And supposedly it almost happened after school when I got there to pick up difficult child. She said the other girl thru down her books and came at her, but friends kept them apart.

    And the sad thing is... she thinks boyfriend from H is worth all the drama... when he is the one that probably started this whole mess. KSM
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    Not sure when the last time you updated your sig - if she's 14, I don't think she should be allowed to date anyway --- doesn't mean she's not going to pull a stunt like "early choir" practice or "date" at school, but it means you won't allow any alone time, car time, etc., until 16 (that was my rule with both kids). Putting you out like that for boyfriend face time is huge. A lie is a lie and consequences should ensue.

    Unfortunately, that girl/boy drama is not something you are going to be able to shield her from. If she enjoys drama, which many teens do difficult child or easy child, it's going to just be that way until she realizes what a waste of time it is = maturity. Feeling her own value is a big part but the addition of being a difficult child makes these lessons tougher to learn.

    I understand wanting to pull her away from the drama and home school her -- our first gut reaction is it will end the drama and ease our stress.

    Positive thoughts as you work through this issue.


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    After all the drama last night... why would difficult child think I would take her to school early!!!!???!!! No kidding. First words from her mouth was "I am ready to go now" And when I told her I wouldn't be ready til 7:30 (school starts at 8 and it is about a 7 minute drive) she actually said "well, you could have got around earlier like I did!" So that really made me want to take her to school. NOT. I let husband shower, then easy child, then me... as I had a 9am appointment and they had jobs and school. Of course, difficult child didn't have to shower... just add more make up to yesterdays layers. Not happy. KSM
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    Argh. What a mess.
    How did therapy go? I hope you were able to discuss it and the dr helped you come up with-consequences ... and difficult child didn't lie too much to the dr.
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    THe appointment went pretty well... I think we all realized that when I saw something to difficult child, she hears something different... I don't mean hearing impaired... just her own way of interpreting what I saw. One example... we were talking about some conflicts with her and some other girls at school. I said "what happened before this incident that caused things to escalate?" She hears "you think it is all my fault!!" I say... "I really don't want you to go to xyz's house because I don't know them or even where they live. Can they come over here?" She hears "you don't trust me and you hate my friends."

    AARRGGHH. But, at least she went and agreed to go back in two weeks... THey are going to work on issues involving her anger at biomom. difficult child just tries to "stuff it" and don't think about it... but there are always triggers. So we will keep working on it. KSM
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    She agreed to go back... and they are working on the right stuff. At least it's a start... maybe.