7 tips for Mothers of Adult Addicts

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    The posts are in the comments section.

    There is an article in this blog which states that the cartel of the Mexican drug lord who recently broke out of prison is responsible for more deaths than the war in the Middle East and those lost in 9/11 combined. The writer, who recently lost a 32 year old son to heroin, suggests that parents consider political action which would include petitioning to reallocate funds from the War On Drugs to The Battle for Rehab & Recovery. He touches on the incredible upswing in incarceration rates for males especially, but for females too, for drug-related offenses and suggests that, again using funds from the abysmally failing War on Drugs, our prison system be revamped into Corrections and Rehab.

    This man's son began using heroin and meth in prison.

    I haven't read the entire blog but, because of the article containing the Guzman cartel information (about 5 postings in), wanted to post the blog here for all of us.

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    I had some trouble posting the link correctly. The time limit to edit expired. The title of the relevant post is: The Real War is on Our Children Not Drugs by "Bob" posted July 16, 2015. It is about twenty posts down, not five. The comments section is at the bottom of the 7 Tips article.

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    I am in.
    In my State the prison system used to have this title. Depending upon how punitive the populace is perceived the commitment shifts from rehabilitation or not.

    Cedar, I read the article, the 7 tips, and I agree. But I have a question. The drugs past a point alter the brain as to affect decision-making. To expect our children to make better choices, is itself a cruelty, because they are making such with disordered brains. What is a parent to do?

    This is the exactly the situation I am in with respect to my son's health. His disordered brain is making bad choices. Short of constant supervision (which he will not allow) I do not know what to do. Which is to say I am absolutely powerlessness in an impossible situation.

    I mean, it is already bad. Now after this quite lovely article it just got worse.
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    I posted some suggestions for you on FOO thread, Copa.

    Briefly, research your State social services programs for the disabled and for the mentally ill and for the homeless. Take down names of programs you think might be places to begin exploring. Call your Social Services switchboard, explain the situation with your son, and ask who they think you might talk to.

    Ask about:

    HUD 811 housing for disabled/disability/mental illness.
    ARMS worker
    County Mental Health Worker

    I hope this helps, Copa. I am thinking you may already have done these things. There are new programs out there though, so it never hurts to give Social Services a call and ask.

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    Thank you.