8 drugs doctors wouldn't take

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Wow. Heather that was really interesting.

    And I'm thanking my lucky stars I've not been prescribed any of those, although husband has for the prilosec and the nexium both. He no longer takes any stomach medications by the way, and happens to "magically" get along just fine without them. lol Ah....so much fun having a hypochondriac in the house.

    I've always wondered about those stomach medications though. I mean we have stomach acid for a reason. I never thought it was a good thing to go tampering with it. I feel for those people who do have problems with it though.
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    I don't anyone who hasn't taken the psuedoephedrine.

    I have been using Advair for YEARS without any complication. But I will tell you this: When I run out, within a DAY, I have wicked bad asthma. It's like my body is addicted to the stuff. I never allow myself to run out and have even bought it at full price when I didn't have time to go through the mail order prescription center. Ouch. I used to be on Flovent, but when Advair came out, my DR switched me. Hmmmm, may be worth a discussion with him.

    Thanks for posting that.
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    GAAAH! I take advair too!!
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    Hmmm. Thank you.
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    My doctor wanted me off Advair because it can hasten osteoporosis. Hubby takes Prilosec way too often (in my opinion) but hasn't yet gotten himself to the doctor. Interesting article.
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    What frustrates me is how quickly docs will rx drugs just to see if it will work. It's like going for a diagnosis backwards. I was given nexium because the first cardiologists I had decided that I was having GERD instead of angina - even though I had no symptoms of GERD and it was the exact same symptoms I had when I had a heart attack. I took it for a week, no change and my GP said I could stop taking it then.

    Then you read articles like this and you're thinking, geez, thanks guys. I was also contacted about doing a study for Celebrex because of my heart disease and because I had seen a rheumy. I probably wouldn't have qualified because I haven't been diagnosis'd with RA or osteoarthritis, but after reading that I'm glad I didn't call back. Yeah, let's give heart attack girl a drug that's dangerous for the heart. easy child's girlfriend takes celebrex and even though she's young and healthy, I forwarded the article to her and told her that she and her mom may want to discuss other alternatives with her doctor.

    As far as pseuodoephedrine, I guess I'll have to think twice. It really works and you have to get it from behind the counter, but the new stuff doesn't work near as well - and it makes me loopy. -er. I guess I'll have to get a neti pot like the article mentioned. I thought of Jo when I read that, because I think she's the first person I ever heard talk of it.