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    So my family have all put me down and have said I am a bad parent, overreact with difficult child, for all of her life. Nothing is wrong with her. Yeah...We go to my grandparents for the weekend, HB and I sleep in a different house, while kids stay with gma. At the crack of stupid I take off for an early run...and return home to a huge uproar! difficult child decided to get up at 5 am and randomly called 911 to see what would happen. I have been in law enforcement for 6 yrs, and have told her what would happen. She actually gave them a random name when asked and hung up. Dispatch called my sleeping gma back, the cops show up and imagine nobody did it. difficult child lied "I didn't do it I SWEAR"!! Police said it sounded like a 6 yr old. easy child is 6. Gma said it was not them dispatch must be wrong, bc difficult child said she did not do it. HB spanked them both, still nobody did it. She finally admitted to it, and gma was broken because surprise! difficult child lied! She finally agrees that there is something wrong with her. All this happened before I got home, wow I hit the freakin ROOF! I did not hold my anger at all. She is writing sentences 1000 times about lying. I am not that mean, it started at 100, but she kept yelling at me, and telling me to make her write them....I am.
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    Wow. At least you'll be believed now.
    Well, it's time for an evaluation.

    Good luck!
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    difficult child did that twice when he was younger. Thankfully both times they called and we were able to let them know it was just difficult child and nothing was wrong.
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    I agree, the sooner you figure out exactly what is going on with her, the better.

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    Hi Heartsick,
    I'm glad you weren't home when it happened.
    That's the only way you can get others to see that there is something going on.

    by the way, I've known "normal" kids to call 911 to see what would happen, so that alone isn't worth a diagnosis. It's the recurring uproars, constant out-of-sync behaviors that define a pattern.
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    What a mess! Honestly, this sounds like a very dysfunctional family to me- that isn't a criticism, I come from one as well. There are people in my family who like to think they can and should hold "interventions" for others but these people have no business trying to intervene in anyone else's life. Maybe a little distance between your immediate family and the extended family could be helpful for while. I agree with getting an evaluation. I have a bit of a problem with someone spanking both kids for not knowing what happened- shouldn't a spanking be reserved for a last resort after one knows who is guilty? Just my opinion.