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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Sep 28, 2012.

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    difficult child went to the therapist yesterday. I had seen the same therapist on Saturday and she had suggested difficult child and I come in together for a session to discuss the possiblity of difficult child seeing a psychiatrist. I did broach the subject with difficult child, but she wanted to see her alone yesterday (she does not know I had seen her). She came home and said she'd made an appointment for the two of us to see her and that the therapist had talked to her about being evaluated for bi-polar.

    She said that, after talking to therapist, that so many of the symptoms of bi-polar were things she'd been struggling with for a long time. She'd always thought bi-polar=crazy as a loon and had not completely understood that someone could be bi-polar and still appear to be functioning.

    We have a therapist appointment together next week and she is going to refer difficult child to a psychiatrist.

    I know that this is only the beginning and that a lot could happen from here, but prior to yesterday, difficult child would not even discuss the possiblity that she might be struggling with ANYTHING. If I even broached the subject slightly, she'd blow up, saying that I thought she was crazy. On top of that, Mr. Ostrich has refused to consider bi-polar or even depression. His response to my concerns after she ran off with internet strangers was "you think EVERYTHING is a syndrome. She is just being a typical, stupid 20 year old". He's even said this in front of her.

    She went there last night to watch football, and I'm wondering what he said when she brought it up (I am quite certain she did). I am going to call him in the next week to ask him to put her on his insurance. He has a good job and he can afford it, but he claims to have been practicing "tough love" when he took her off last year when she got a job (with no insurance). Not only is he an Ostrich, he's a cheap Ostrich.

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    I'm a believer that regular therapy for difficult children does wonders, because they just won't face it from us or on their own. It doesn't help that Mr. Ostrich is in denial - perhaps now he will wise up.
    Good luck at your dual appointment - I'm sure it'll be productive. I hope she's amenable to psychiatrist evaluation. The job thing is secondary right now, but any luck?
  3. CrazyinVA

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    This is very good news, dash! Keeping fingers and toes crossed that she'll continue to be open to exploring the diagnosis. If she *is* bipolar, the right medications could make a huge difference for her, and for you.
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    LOL- cheap ostrich. I was married to one of those! This could be a huge turning point. Hope all goes well!
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    Very good news, hoping for the best...........
  6. DDD

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    Fingers crossed. DDD
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    That is a step forward....hope the thinking is as rational next appointment.
  8. hearts and roses

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    I hope the cheap ostrich doesn't discourage her from seeking a diagnosis or therapy, jerk. on the other hand, awesome for difficult child to be making these discoveries about herself. Hugs, mom!
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    sounds like she had the same ideas about bipolar I did. I thought people with bipolar were those who stood on roof tops or bridges and thought they were superman or fairies and could fly. Basically I thought they would be on just one big acid trip their entire lives. More like schizophrenia actually. After my life Im not sure that wouldnt have been more fun...lol.

    When I read the bipolar child, I was like...who wrote about my life? That is when I realized I was bipolar.
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    Ostrich and I had a nice talk last night. Amazingly, he thinks she should be evaluated. He is also going to put her on his insurance, but it won't become effective until January. Still, huge. He's still very que'sera about her and her choices, but at least he's no longer insisting she is just a typical twenty something.

    One day at a time.