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    kt & husband have been building aquariums & little fish bowls upstairs in their respective bedroom &/or offices. kt has a fish tank with all it's accessories going along with a small fish bowl & beta fish. husband rec'd a beautiful beta fish from kt for Christmas with all the bells & whistles.

    Yesterday, kt & husband decided that I was looking far too sad & that I needed something to cheer me - out they went to the corner pet store. They came home with the prettiest little beta fish, with a bowl, glass beads & a buddha so I can meditate (sleep) to my heart's content. It's on my desk - in a place of pride. Between my laptop & my easel.

    It really is relaxing to see this very graceful fish swimming about in the sunshine.

    I'm thankful today for just the small thoughts & acts of kindness my family has bestowed upon me over the last few days. Those very acts have made it possible for me to get through those days. :angel: :flower:
  2. Hound dog

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    How sweet and thoughtful. :smile:

    And they really are such pretty fishes. Nichole had one that lived for years

    Ya know what? Why can't she bring home a beta fish instead of puppies??? :rolleyes:
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    How very sweet of husband and Kt to do something so special for you. I love that you appreciate it so much. These are good moments!

    Here is to the Beta relaxing you!
  4. Star*

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    Get him a mirror and watch him swim around all finned up -

    NOt for long though - macho fish don't last long.

    Glad you are having some good times with the bad ones