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    Sweet Pea loves to do funny faces and we have all been encouraging her 'cause it's just too funny.
    She rolls her eyes while doing it and we've all seen that when she does it, the one eye wonders seperatly. husband and I talked about wether she might have a lazy eye (runs in husband's family). But it only happens when she rolls her eyes all the while doing faces.
    This morning she came to me and started looking at me in a weird way and here it goes a gain: her left eyes wonders while the other one is still staring at me.
    I smiled and just said "do it again". SHE DID!! I think she actually controls it??!!
    That is just plain weird. Should I worry? LOL
  2. Hound dog

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    I'd have her checked out by a opthomologist just to be certain. Always better to be safe than sorry later. A lazy eye can affect vision, as in ruin it. So when it doubt, best to have it checked out.