A bit of trivia for heart patients...

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    I got a call from my step-mom (M) tonight. When she was in the hospital this summer and got her defibrilator put it, we were cracking jokes about where we would take her to see what alarms she set off.


    Now we know.

    She, my dad and youngest sister went coat shopping for sis. As M put it.....it couldn't have been at some fancy upscale store. Oh no. It was Wal-mart. They didn't find anything that my sister liked and were on their way out. There was the obligatory "mature" woman manning the doors as greeter and apparently she chased them down when the alarms went off. They turned around, came back in and then one by one, went through the monitor thing. Dad went....nothing. My sister went...totally quiet. M walked through and alarms galore!

    The moral of this story is that you can go to any fancy store you want but good ol' Wallyworld has, apparently, very sensitive alarms.

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    Hey, they are nothing to joke about.

    I thought that the little Rollback guy with the sword was going to come and throw me in the WallyWorld Pokey one night.

    i had done about $300 worth of shopping - 2 full carts (it was back when we lived with my folks and I had to feed 8 people 3 meals a day plus snacks!).

    The checker was lazy, more interested in ogling me and making borderline harrassing comments than in doing the job. I had done the razors and shampoo stock-up and gotten a couple of birthday gifts and the groceries.

    By the time we got the alarm to quit going off there were about 15 items (NOT exaggerating!) that he hadn't deactivated. I was really really embarrassed, esp because the pastor at our church came in, as well as some other people I know AND a woman I was doing some consulting with. They even got that wand thingy out and ran it over ME. The hardware in my neck from my first spine surgery set off the wand!

    All in all, I think Wally World has some of the most sensitive sensors.

    Make sure they don't try to throw her in the RollBack Pokey!