A calm night

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  1. Wow, amazing how a talk that could/should scare a kid "straight" actually worked! For last night anyways. We shall see how it plays out.

    difficult child took a while to pull it together but once she did, she was sweet to everyone, actually smiled a few times, and offered me a hug.

    therapist is "on call" for us. psychiatrist is supposed to call today, therapist talked to her and psychiatrist is concerned with difficult child's "thinking" issues, ie: hurt herself/others

    difficult child is only about 3 months into being on Lamactil and still is not on therapeutic dose. We see psychiatrist in a few weeks.

    therapist is watching closely, as difficult child has mentioned several other times to her that she wants to hurt herself. Didn't have a "plan" just thinking about it. difficult child has a hard time distinguishing between "voices" in her head and thoughts. We are working on this, she just does not get that it is "normal" to have thoughts, quite another to have voices telling her to hurt herself.

    She calmly stated last night that she is under too much pressure and needs a break and wants to go to a foster home. therapist was informed.

    I am trying not to be a Negative Nelly but just worried her calmness is not calm at all, just her shutting down.

    But if she can maintain calmer/happier behavior, I think therapist's suggest of intense therapy with difficult child, therapist and myself might be helpful.

    I dunno, just praying and thinking positive thoughts
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    I think you should take it whenever and however you can. Enjoy the quiet but don't become so complacent that you miss warning signs. It is good that your professionals are staying on top of things.

    Keep us posted and I will be pretzeling for you both.
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    good for you!!! scrare them is what i always say NOT just joking.......

    keep positive hang in there!! never easy yet def. character building experience