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    Ok.............it's not perfect..........Yet. I have some odds and ends to do today if my body will at some point let me move again.

    But it is CLEAN! Every. Single. Room. Except Travis' room.........but he's half done and I swear you can literally see where the boy stopped. lol (and he did it by himself, very hard for him, proud of him I am)

    The yard sale is the first weekend of Oct. Priced to SELL. easy child better bring her additions that morning. The family room is FULL of stuff going.

    There is no more hoard in my house. It is GONE. All of it. (I'm thinking maybe I should bake cookies for the trash guys, I feel for them) I worked like a crazed mad woman cleaning all week long even with the boys here (that was very brave of me). Every joint in my body today is screaming at me. Oh, well. My house is CLEAN.

    As for those odds and ends..........

    Carpets downstairs are nicely vacuumed but still look like crappola. They were cheapie deluxe carpets to begin with, they're 8 yrs old, and they are threadbare (literally) and now that somehow the grandkids manage to drop food and grind it in (probably stepping on it).....Maggie is eating, or trying to, the carpet to get at this *food* she smells but can't see. omg Then in the living room.......well, Fred loved his coke and the man chain smoked and let the ash grow and grow until it fell.....he had a nasty habit of spilling or dumping said coke onto the carpet....more ashes......had a tendency to knock over the ashtray once in a while.....so more ashes.......didn't watch Betsy who would knock over his coke....... I'd ask "did you clean it up" yes dear, he'd say.........obviously not more than some paper towels and the vacuum because I recognize these stains, dealt with them any a time over the years. argh!

    There is hardwood still under the dining room carpet. YAY! Well, near the front door is doubtful....someone put in an extra register there and we're not sure there is still hardwood in that spot. I'm hoping so but if not, I'll put some of that snap together tile there. No biggie. Since it's still under the dining room, odds are high it's under the living room carpet too. Both carpets are outta here next weekend. (will trash men pick these up??)

    The walls look like crud. (it doesn't take long around here) But this week, Nichole and I plan.....now that the house is done.....washing them all down to prep to paint next weekend. (anyone up for a BIG weekend? lol ) Be danged if I'm going to tackle that job alone when I have help to do it next week.

    I have to wash my bed linen (normal) and tidy up my room (just normal stuff), sweep down the steps, finish up the laundry.......and mop. That's IT.

    Then? I have to run to wallie world for curtain rods. Mine have come up missing. So I can hang my curtains in the kitchen again. geez

    Once the yard dries out, I need to mow.

    I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get to this point, folks. But I have reclaimed my home. And omg does it feel good to say that. I might hurt all over.......but I can't get the smile off my face. lol

    My mom and sis from Texas are due to visit tomorrow. Last time sis from Texas visited.......my house was sort of clean (I was in school full time, gimme a break), not really bad at all, even by MY standards. Yet she proceeded to tell me that she was shocked at the state of the house because she knew I never ever had anything less than a spotless home. I found that interesting. Sis had never been in one of my homes until that very visit, yet she knew that about me. lol And yes, before school, I kept a spotless house....you could eat off my floors without worry. I could just see her face if she'd seen the house after Fred passed. omg She'd have stroked. lol Sis is ok........she's just a bit odd. Who actually says that to a person, even family? I mean, you might think it......and I have more than once, but actually say it to them??

    Sis is a LOT like my mom, too much so. I have a feeling I'm going to get a call within a few months that she's sending mom to me. Because mom will point out every little spec of dirt in her home and nick pick until it's clean. She will pounce on every tense sentence sis and brother in law say to each other and nit pick it to death......and so on. This is without the paranoia stuff, this is just mom. Mom does not do this with me because I refuse to put up with it.

    Oh, well. Sis doesn't like my walls and carpets, she can get over herself. Won't bother me a bit. And now I can enjoy my visit.........in my nice clean house. Yes, I do have to keep saying it. When it takes a year to clear out a hoard and clean a house...........you need to say that a LOT once you're finally done. :rofl:

    That said.......I'm dreading mopping. I discovered that evidently some of that tomato juice and seeds wound up on a corner of the floor back where it's hard to see........and this will be a hands and knees job this time. From here on out I can use the steam mop Fred bought me. But this time........well, while cleaning the hoard, much that needed to be drug through the kitchen to get to the laundry room......wasn't much inclination to mop and just have to mop again every time I did it, which was ongoing. Not to mention the clutter itself.
    Now.........I better attempt to move and finish up. Maybe my joints will loosen up some with movement. :bigsmile:
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    I am sooooooooo excited for you. It was such a LONG process but I hope you feel a STRONG sense of accomplishment.

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    Your pride just shines through, girl - And honestly, when I was there last (OK it's been almost a year now) it didn't look dirty to me, so I can only imagine how awesome it must be!

    WAY TO GO!!!

    ...Wanna come do mine? No? LOL I didn't think so...
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    I lost my post!

    WOOOHOO Lisa!!! :hapydancsmil: You must feel like a new, free-er woman. I love it when a "to do" gets to "DONE"

    (and Step - I am guessing that 1) "Wanna come do mine?" 2) The fact that you are not in your car, rushing to Lisa's offering to clean her carpets because your own house is SPOTLESS means that Baby Bean has some time left to cook...) :wink-very:
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    Shoot...........I can't drum up the motivation to get up off my rear end and finish the little I have left to do of my own. lol Instead, I'm seriously considering a nap. I woke up terribly swollen this morning. (kidney not due to what I've done) And I woke up tired and sore. Sore is ok.....getting better. Tired is just morphing into more tired. Coffee did nothing. I think I'm gonna let myself nap. What little I have left can wait until I wake up again.

    Sig, I think her nesting is in Off mode today. lol
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    CONGRATULATIONS! It's been a long, long, hard, hard road. You are probably tired because you are carrying so much justifiable pride. Hugs. DDD
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    I'm very proud of you.It's so rewarding to sit back and look at your hard work. It must feel like you just got a wellneeded haircut. That's what I always say when I clean somethingout that is really really cluttered.

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    Uhhhh, well... Jett and I cleaned the kitchen and dining room and living room including dusting, I did laundry and cleaned my bedroom then my Mom and Dad came up and we grilled steaks and lobster tails and had those with baked potatoes and broccoli...

    Jett did most of it... I feel like I'm gonna pop any second. Like if someone gets too near with a pushpin I'll be all over the place like a burst balloon...
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    Congrats Lisa. I got about 3/4's of the way through my bathroom. Maybe by this time next year I will be done in my house. Tony supposedly worked in the living room but he just moved stuff from the living room into one of the bedrooms and tossed half a bag of trash out. I dont call that real cleaning. It just means I have more stuff to get rid of when I finally get to the bedrooms. Not very helpful.
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Janet, that is one heckova start. And you gotta start somewhere. Personally, I think you were very very brave to start in the bathroom. I left that room until last, it's just such a pain to clean and so darn involved. The first actual *room* I got completed was my bedroom. I thought (hahaha) that it would be the easiest room. Wow, was I wrong. Two days, obviously it wasn't easy. Fred had much more hoard up there than I realized. I swear you get used to looking at it and stop noticing it. That was a few weeks ago. I flat out refused to allow it to get messed up again. I'm being more than a bit anal about the rest of the house now. Fortunately, Travis is good about keeping it that way. Now if I have a "lazy" day and am stupid and start just plopping stuff.....he will too.....and it will go downhill again. Otherwise, he's pretty good about cleaning up after himself except in his own room.

    The downstairs part of the house took forever as Fred's hoard was all over the place tucked in here and behind that and crammed into there. So each time I tried to tackle a hoard spot......it messed up the room again and I had to start over. omg

    I swear to all that is holy, I will never be a packrat. The amount of trash that went out of this house over that year was simply unbelievable.

    Now I have an issue. I just found Fred's dress blues. I can't bring myself to toss them out. I know they cost him a pretty penny back in the day. And, well, he got married in them. But I dunno what to do with them. No one is going to want them I don't think. I mean they mean a great deal to me.........but.......yeah. So if anyone has any ideas of what to do with dress blues, let me hear it.
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    Dont you dare get rid of them! Keep them. That isnt a hoard, that is memories. If I still had my dad's marine uniform I would keep it. I have no clue if Jamie still has his or I would keep them myself. Jamie has ALL of my dad's Marine stuff. Please Lisa, go to the dry cleaners and get the cleaned and ask them to put them in a storage bag for you and then just put them in the back of the closet. Darrin can have them some day.
  14. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well, that is true. Darrin would truly love to have them. I'm saving all Fred's medals for him already. Darrin is such the Army guy thing. I'll have them dry cleaned and save them for him. I forgot cleaners would seal stuff up for you. Thanks. :)
  15. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    You scared me...lol. Dont toss out everything to do with Fred. You do need some stuff. As much as I had problems with my mom I have some stuff from her and my grandmother and my grandfather who I never even knew. These things are very important to me. I think I always knew I would want them. I cried my heart out yesterday when I let Tony take a chair out to be thrown away because some of the kids friends had broken the legs on it when the kids had been teens. I had kept it all these years swearing I was going to get it fixed and reupholstered. I gave up on that yesterday. These were the wing back chairs that had been in my living room for as long as I can remember. Time to give up the ghost and realize my family just isnt the wing back chair type. Im lucky I still have some of the bigger wooden pieces but thats only because the kids couldnt get to them.

    My bathroom was the obvious place to start because that is where Nina had the puppies back in March and I had never got around to cleaning it all up. Also my counter in there is about 8 feet long and becomes the Bermuda Triangle of places to stick things that you have no idea what to do with things that could possibly do with a bedroom or bathroom. This bathroom is huge.

    I think next is going to be my bedroom because it is so bad. I want to move my bed around so it is more comfortable and there is less area for stuff to get messed up. I need a big trash can in here too so that I can throw stuff in there instead of having it hit there floor. One thing that is an issue is me filling my medications and the bottles becoming empty and I try to toss them in a box that was empty but sometimes i miss. Not good I know. I also want my closet to finally have a light fixed in it and a closet system put in it so I can have shelves in it. I bought one when I first moved in here but it has long been lost because Tony refused to put it in. I guess I will have either Billy put it in or Cory. I need the room in there not just a place to hang stuff up. Tony thinks a closet is only to hang things up and has no idea about a walk in.
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    Lisa, how terrific you must feel having gotten this all done. I have sat back reading your updates this past year and just marveled at the tenacity and forward motion, amidst grief and healing. Remarkable.
    I hope your sale goes well and you make a boat load of money. And hope the hardwood has held up well or is easily refinished. I have a weak spot for hardwood. Carpet for me is just a pain. Hardwood is just so clean and fresh and timeless.
    I'm glad you are going to keep Fred's Marine uniform. That is something that is priceless
    in my opinion. I hope one day your grands look at it and smile and remember. Maybe you could tuck some photos and a few notes with funny stories or touching ones, into a envelope and set it in the storage bag. One day a grand or great grand can stumble upon grammas notes on grampa.
    I never met my grandfather who served both world wars. I grew up hearing about him and felt I knew him. I have his official world war 1 military photo on my wall. It's the type that are in those large wooden ovals and meant to be covered in a glass done. I'm guessing the glass
    Was damaged early on. There hasn't ever been glass on mine since I remember it. We were Just saying last night that we really should take it to a framing shop with experience with this type of photo and have glass put back for preservation. This photo has long been the first thing I hang in a new home. I literally find time each day to smile at it. Somehow it's just a connection, even never knowing him, that feels very powerful. Even my S/O feels comforted with the photo hung. He says it feels like the mans presence is here, guarding and protecting. And my S/O isn't normally one to talk like that. I have the feeling your Fred's Marine uniform is going to be a cherished item.
    Meanwhile, back to your house! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
  17. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I think better when my house is uncluttered. Enjoy your hard work.
    My difficult child is pretty clutter/hoard prone that everything should have a place and should be returned after using it. Trash belongs in the trash can. Not that he does it 100% but he has the tools to use to keep his apartment clean.
    It is so freeing to declutter in my humble opinion.
  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    MM that is a good idea. I need to go back to hobby lobby and buy a wooden & glass case for his flag too. They had them on sale half off. :)

    Janet.......if you're going to eventually end up replacing furniture, don't buy new. Even the expensive ones don't seem to hold up very well. I bought 2 and then gave up and bought 2nd hand. The 2nd hand one I paid 50 bucks for 10 yrs ago is still in the family room. The others are long gone. The fabric doesn't hold up well.....to be kind, and the dogs never got to sit on the new ones, so that wasn't it. mother in law's loveseats......are toast, they've been in the house about 2 yrs maybe a little more. She never sat on them unless she had company, which explains why they lasted for her. Once they started being sat on.....it went straight downhill. I did let Molly up on them once Fred passed.........but she really didn't use them as she wanted to be near me and I hang out in the kitchen on the computer.

    I've got to shampoo the old couch in the family room (after yard sale I can't even get to it right now). Then, I may just toss out mother in law's loveseats......or I may try shampooing them, let them wear out more and then toss them. easy child just bought a couch a year ago, paid a pretty penny, nice couch........already looks about 30 yrs old. I swear they just are not making them the way they used to, frame or fabric. So Now I opt for 2nd hand......I look for the old quality that actually holds up for 30 yrs or more.

    MM, thinking about that glass you need replaced.........if it were the frame, it would be an issue. But being the glass......it probably won't be, and probably won't be very expensive. I know the type of frame you're talking about and they're beautiful. That photo needs protected though, air is not good for it.
  19. Tiapet

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    Here is an idea for you for the dress blues:

    How about (and I don't know what kind of wall space you have) you tack and block them in a nice big frame with glass or plexiglass front to put them on display in a room of your choosing so as to honor him and your memories that you have. If you have any other small flat artifacts (medals?) you can put them in there with them on display. You can also place a picture of him in there in them or nearby or additionally create a memory wall with it and pictures of him with that being the center piece?

    Just a thought for you.