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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, Nov 24, 2009.

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    difficult child is home. One condition is that he must resemble the majority of human race so on way home, husband took him to barber and he got rid of the half shaved, half shoulder length hair style. Trip pants and various demented Dr. Seuss shirts are stashed away in his duffel and are not allowed out while he's here. He's borrowing his brothers' clothing for the moment.

    So he's out at mall today applying for jobs. husband is running the boy ragged, applying, applying, applying. difficult child actually is working right now (on commission, but still).

    Anyway... so difficult child is walking into every store in the mall (plus all the local businesses here in the village they hit yesterday), and the managers are taking time to give him applications and talk with him. difficult child looked at husband in wonderment today and said "Gee, everyone is actually talking to me. Do you think it's the haircut?" :faint: husband assured him that his appearance had everything to do with people's initial response to him.

    I'm just impressed that difficult child figured that out - guess the umpteen million times we told him didn't take. :hammer:
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    difficult children have to learn from experience. It doesn't count if mom or dad told you a hundred million times before.:tongue:

    Hope he lands a job soon!
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    Wow, how great is THAT? Hope he gets a job! This is prime holiday hiring season :)
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    Excellent. Best of luck to him. Some positive feedback is important for him fitting in with the rest of the working world.
    I know that feeling of elation when difficult child makes the connection.
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    Can I borrow your husband?

    Good news that he was WILLING to get the hair cut and FILLED out applications! Then the lesson in the middle - awesome!
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    SW took the words right out of my mouth. LOL!!

    I'm glad he's trying though and it sounds hopeful!!
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    Yup. what we say cannot be right, until they get out into the world and see the difference for themselves. Even then, what we said about things is often long forgotten.

    The whole change, plus the job applications is wonderful!! Seems like he is really trying this time. I hope he is very successful. Working for commission can be highly lucrative if you are good at selling. It is a powerful skill to learn, so Way To Go difficult child!!!!
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    OMG, Sue, that's wonderful. I thought I heard your jaw drop up here.

    wm is coming to difficult children age real soon & will need to borrow husband for a day or two. You & the kids can come up & play at MOA.

    Honey, I'm so glad to hear this - such good news.