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    and for once it was because I had called them, not them looking for difficult child. You may remember a few weeks ago I posted about neighborhood kids teasing and taunting difficult child. Well, I spoke to the parents and tried to explain to them what was going on and that difficult child was getting worked up and ready to pound the kids. Apparently they either didn't care or didn't believe their little darling (I only knew who one of the kids were) could possibly be doing anything wrong. It slowed down some to being only after supper they were up to it. The latest being shining a laser light in the windows of our house, from across the street or in the alley. I warned the boys last night that if it happened again I would be calling the police. Again, apparently they didn't think I'd do it.
    Tonight, I was sitting here watching tv when I got hit square in the eye by the laser. Considering I've been sick and woke up this morning with one of my migraines (mine present as floaters in front of my eyes making it impossible to read or see anything directly in front of me) it really wasn't what I needed. I was po'd to the max. I put my shoes on and walked over to the one kids' house again, but couldn't get anyone to answer the door.
    I came home and called the cops. They dispatched an officer, who parked at the end of the block and caught them in the act. He spoke to the father of the one, after chasing down the two boys who were at it tonight.
    He came here to speak to me after talking to the father. I told him it's been going on for a while and I was tired of throwing myself between my 6 foot 250 pound autistic child and the door to keep him from pounding on the kids. He was going back to talk to the father again and tell him that there's more to it than just this one time.
    I then spoke to difficult child and told him that if there is any trouble he is to come to me without even saying a word to the kids. There is now a report of their behavior and they will be watched. He said okay, but... I said no but you come to me I will call the cops again.
    Let's hope this is the end of it.
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    Go Get Em, Warrior Mom!!!

    It is so HARD when it is one of our kids who is being picked on. The bullies know they are not just easy pickings but will get mad and blow up and then be blamed for the entire thing while THEY look like "innocent victims" of this "poor delusional child".

    Calling the police was exactly the right thing to do. I am glad your policeman/dept has a clue and waited to catch them.

    I bet the dad wishes he had done something when you were all he had to deal with.

    Tonight's festivities not only showed the bullies that they CAN be caught and the police really DO come find you for stuff like that, but it also showed your son that the police can HELP him - not just get him in trouble.

    Sometimes it takes something concrete to teach our kids this. It might be nice to have your difficult child help you with some kind of thank you for the officer who waited to see what was going on rather than just driving up the road and saying "Nothing happened" cause he was only there long enough to drive down the street.

    Even a card or some cookies would be a nice gesture and help difficult child see that cops are people. It also would make the officers REMEMBER you and your nice son who lives near those awful kids who bully the nice boy and his mom. THAT is never a bad thing for an officer to remember about you!

    You deserve a nice treat - whatever that may be for you!
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    Thanks Susie. I was thinking I'd like to do something, but wasn't sure exactly what. My son sees cops as good, even if he's had a few run ins with them. His god-father is a detective for a near by city. I have pictures of difficult child's 5th birthday. The hit was his god-father showing up in uniform with his squad car (he used to be a county deputy). 20 little boys with jaws dropped to the floor because there was a cop there lol.
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    Hey...good for you. And since you talked to the parents and they didn't care about their emerging bullies, you did what you had to do. Your son (ANY child) and you have a right to feel safe and protected in your own house. I would keep calling the cops on them if this didn't scare them. One kid, even without disabilities, can't fight a whole neighborhood of brats.

    Thumbs up to you!
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    You did tat exactly right, and your son saw thatcalling the police gets action. GOOD action.

    If you're planning on baking some cookies for the cops, why not get difficult child to help? Then he can also help deliver them. I know he already is on the side of cops, but it would help him follow-through on other levels as well as keep him occupied in a useful activity in a positive, constructive way.

    Plus I reckon ALL kids, including boys and difficult children, should learn how to cook.

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    :yourock::warrior: Way To Go! Hopefully this will go a long way in stopping the bullying. I hope you did do something nice for yourself!
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    I'm glad those kids were caught in the act. I like Marge's idea of bringing cookies to the police station. -RM
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    Perhaps now the parents will be more aware of what their "little angels" are up to. :)Good for you, I hope this puts an end to their taunting.