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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by house of cards, Jul 3, 2009.

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    We went to the beach today, all 9 of us piled into a minivan for a 45 min ride. It was a wonderful day with almost everything working out. My oldest at home hurt his hand and didn't go in the water so he was always at the blanket. My husband and I were knee deep in water with the other 4 kids while my 17 yo (that always takes things too far) was off trying to teach Major to body surf the waves.

    So, I go out to check on them and find Major hitting his limit with fear and frustration and a few mouth fulls of water. I get him in to shore and try to entice him into building sandcastles. He complains he wants to go back out. I told him he could go back out in a little bit, literally I turned around and he is back in the water with his brother. His brother is a certified lifeguard by the way.

    I go back out in a little bit, see Major is overwhelmed again and get them both in for food. After they ate I was able to keep Major out a little while, then I let him go back in the ocean. I'm with the others on the shoreline, Major comes up to me and announces that he wants to go home NOW. It seems he was tumbled by a wave and got very scared. His reaction was to demand to go home.

    So, I get him to take a litle walk with me and we talk as we look for pebbles, hoping to find the perfect worry stone. He told me he was scared and took a shell and broke it, telling me that is what he thought would happen to him. He let me hug him a bit. We returned to the others and he went back in the water with the younger kids and had FUN. It is huge that Major showed fear and didn't hide it behind anger. And it is huge that he pulled it together several times and we pulled off a succuessful family outing.

    Sorry, this should probably be over in general, opps!
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    What a GREAT day! The beach is magical for calming kids.

    A few years ago, my sister in law and brother in law took the four of us to Disney World in Florida. One day we drove over to Cocoa Beach. The kids enjoyed the time they had at the desserted beach (January - off season) much more than any of the Disney parks. The pages I made in the scrapbook of the beach time are priceless. Next time, we skip the expensive parks and just spend the week on the beach!
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    I'll move it over to general. Glad you all had a good day at the beach!
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    Man, I love happy stories! Happy beach and family stories are even better!

    Glad you had a great day.
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the beach! How cool that Major was able to face his fears and continue on with the day. Congrats to Major! and to you too! You have every right to be very proud!!:)