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    The attny who has always been appointed as difficult child's defense attny when I didn't hire one privately is not available for this next trial so another one was appoointed. Of course, difficult child has a different GAL now, too. I haven't spoken with the GAL yet but I just got off the phone with the new defense attny. She said Residential Treatment Center (RTC) should have been advocated for last year and it sounded like the problem had been that the previous GAL had thought I was the entire problem. (Ya thunk?) She told me the new GAL should do his own independent investigation and suggested I call him tomorrow. (That will mean another family assessment from DSS.) I'm thinking now that it must have been difficult child's defense attny last year, too, thinking I was the problem.

    She says she's going to advocate for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) now unless difficult child is adamant that he doesn't want to go. (Being his def attny instead of his GAL, she can't push for something he's adamantly against.) I don't think he will want to but we'll see. I told her that I have NO funding lined up or available for it at this point. She says another commitment to Department of Juvenile Justice will do difficult child NO goodd and I agreed. She says he needs mental health treatment and I said I don't know what to do about that- Department of Juvenile Justice looked at it like it was either bipolar or nothing at all and they removed the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis and sent him out with no recommendation for MH treatment.

    I informed her of my friction with some peopl over there in the past and the issue about my mental health evaluation that will show a mood disorder in me but not major psychiatric illness that should result in me being an incompetent or unfit parent. I also told her that I am looking to relocate and get difficult child out of this area of "friends" and this damaged house now that the school year is coming to an end, if he's allowed to come home.

    We'll see how things go next week but so far, it's looking like difficult child's problem in the past and my problem of getting him help was the fact that the def attny and GAL had bought what my bro said all along. So much for their theory of me being paranoid- it's not paranoia if there's reason to think you already labeled.
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    WOW, it actually sounds like something is finally starting to work with you instead of against you for a change and yes, perhaps too late but let's not throw in the towel just yet?!

    I honestly believe in intuition on most everything. Some may call it paranoia (depends on what circumstances it falls under) but I'm telling you it has never, EVER failed me to prove out right. Sounds like perhaps the same for you. I really am just glad that things look like they are turning in a right direction for you now. I will keep good thoughts for you and difficult child that things will go the way you want and anything negative will just disappear into thin air! :)
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    Well, unfortunately, my son spent over a year in Department of Juvenile Justice instead of going to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) when I had him accepted to one by MH profs' recommendations and funding covered. And the psychiatrist told the people at the courts that djn would be psychologically harmful to him. Is there any way to get that back? I appreciate your support- don't get me wrong- but I'd like to throttle a few people at the juvenile courts building.
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    Keeping my fingers crossed that good things come out of these changes.
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    Prayers continuing!
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    k - yeah, unfortunately he's now lost that time and there's no way to get it back, and there is no way to hold them responsible, either. "The best interest of the child" is what will be quoted, even though it quite clearly wasn't. Lots of hugs... So many.
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    Thanks, everyone, for the support and prayers and well-wishes. I'm a little concerned about this approach at this point. For one, I don't think difficult child will gst Residential Treatment Center (RTC) now so it appears iof that is all on the table besides Department of Juvenile Justice, he'll get Department of Juvenile Justice. For another, if he did get Residential Treatment Center (RTC) I'm not sure that wouldn't be damaging for him at this point. I don't think Department of Juvenile Justice money would pay for one that is more therapuetic oriented and since difficult child just spent over a year incarcerated, would this do much more for him now? I just want him to come home and make a real effort but of course, that's out of my control.