A day late, I'm a dollar short, but it's week 27!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey Ladies!!

    I tried to get to this post yesterday, but everytime I sat down to do it something happened!

    I hope everyone is finding the summer an easier time to stick to the healthy eating committments. Seems for me, at least, that summer is a time of fresh fruits and veggies and fewer "bulk covering" clothes :tongue:.

    I did not make it to WW Tuesday because I was in a class at the health club. I'm addicted to the water exercise and absolutley love this new thing called finning. What a workout! I've got to find another time to attend meetings until the fall. I know they have an early morning meeting on saturdays, I may just do that one. I can go while the kids are still sleeping. I think they meet at 8 or 8:30. But, even without the scale, I know I'm doing well. I've been working out every single day since last Monday a week.

    So, how's it going this summer ladies? Barbara, how are you doing on your committment?

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.

  2. trinityroyal

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    Sharon, so glad to hear that you're enjoying the new exercise class. It sounds great! Hope you find a new WW meeting to fit your schedule.

    I'm coming into the home stretch on the Trinity Travelling Road Show. This is week 4 out of 5, and I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon. Catered food all day, and right now I am sitting here in front of the computer, eating a big bowl of cheesies. There's something about the chemically orange cheese-dust and the puffy-crunchy-ness that I am finding so very satisfying right now.

    As far as exercise, I am walking for about 7 hours each day. I have taken to running all of my meetings standing up on this trip. I pace around the room, scribble things on the whiteboard, etc. Keeps me from passing out and guarantees that I'll get a little bit of exercise, since I'm just not finding the time to get to the hotel workout rooms or even the pool.

    Tomorrow I'm back home for the weekend. (I get to sleep in my own bed! Yay!!!), and I have scheduled 3 dance classes for tomorrow night. It's the only way I can fit all 3 of them in this week.

    Next week, I'm off to the wilds of Northern Ontario. It's beautiful up there, and now that the shadfly infestation (like a combination grub-moth-caterpiller...eeew!) is over I might feel brave enough to go outside and enjoy it.

    Hope everyone's having a great week!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Way To Go on the water aerobics! It is so much fun to have a change in workouts. I love Saturday morning ww. It makes me behave so much more on Friday nights.;) Our meetings start at 7:00 on Saturday which means we start weighing in people at 6:30!

    Trinity-All that traveling sounds exhausting but you sound like a pro at it. It's o.k. to fall off the healthy eating wagon once in awhile. Enjoy the three dance classes-sounds like fun!

    My last weigh in wasn't good so hopefully this Saturday will be better. I have done a bit better eating this week but not great.

    I did start a little change to my workout. husband read something about intervals on the bike which I've done before but not like this. I bike for two minutes as hard as I can and then take a minute slow and so on...for 20 minutes. What a workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I either go slower on my bike or do the ellipticals.

    I want to try adding some things to my weights but I'm such a creature of habit.

    husband also added some new songs to my shuffle which are really good workout ones!
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, I'm glad you're still doing well despite missing WW.

    Trinity, exercise can compensate for a multitude of sins. Those cheesy puff things ARE very satisfying to munch sometimes; have you checked your hormonal status? PMT onset can be a trigger for the munchies.

    Sharon/Wiped, the bike workouts sound good. My GP wants me to get into cycling, but I know my limits. I think she was hoping that losing weight would give me a lot more mobility; I knew it wouldn't.

    On my doctor's scales I've lost 16 Kg in four months. Size wise, I've shrunk from about an 18 to a 14 (Aussie sizes). A 14 is readily available in most fashion boutiques (with a matching boutique price, unfortunately). easy child 2/difficult child 2, my tiny, impossibly slim daughter, is somewhere between an 8 and a 10. So I'm really impressed to fit into size 14. And I'm STILL weighing just over 80 Kg! That's 177 pounds. (our lovely new computer has a ready reckoner conversion calculator one click away, I'm having fun playing with it).

    I need to get more physio on my torn muscle - it's been a lot better but still has room for improvement.

    I've also been getting the munchies - but I limit myself to Isomalt lollies. These taste gorgeous but if I eat too many - whammo! So I do NOT eat too many...

    I have two months to go on these diet pills and then I am back to see my liver specialist.

    So far so good!

  5. Greetings everyone, it's so exciting to hear how well everyone is doing! It's a wonderful motivation to hear about success.

    Sharon the finning sounds intriguing... I'm going to check an see if it is offered at our YMCA. It really helps to find an exercise that you love.

    TrinityRoyal, your work sounds intense. I'm glad you are getting to see some lovely scenery and to work your exercise into your work day. That's really difficult to do when you are on the road!

    WipedOut the biking sounds like a fabulous workout, and the music - it makes all the difference in the world! Changes to the work out are vital. I need to work on that.

    Marg, congrats on your success! It is quite impressive and a tribute to your dedication. My fingers are crossed that your liver is responding to the changes you have made.

    I'm nine weeks into my Food Diary regimen . I've been strictly recording my intake and watching portions carefully. I've lost 12 pounds and seem to be in a "holding pattern" so I may have to start limiting portions a little more, as my current intake is around 1200 calories per day. I participate in a program called Fitlinxx at the YMCA, and have for many years - doing cardiac and weights. All of my work is saved electronically so that I can view my progress. I find that this really motivates me and keeps me going. I worked with a personal trainer for several months but haven't in the past few years. I think it's time to work with one again and turbocharge the workout :). My favorite exercise is the daily walk I take with my boss's Golden Retreiver companion dog during my lunch break. I get exercise and bonding with Ruppee (that's her name) and I get to pretend that I have a sweet dog of my very own...
  6. ScentofCedar

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    ARGHHH! (Puff, puff.)



  7. LittleDudesMom

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    Barbara, I can't say anything.......puff puff going strong here too!

    1 Day, good for you and the lost 12 pounds and that's great that you are taking a daily walk. Cute that you bond with the doggie!!

    Marg, you are doing fabulous! I can't wait to hear what the doctor says in two months!!

    Sharon, years ago, when I went to the gym, a trainer told me to use a special programming feature. It alternated speeds and inclines throughout the entire workout. Apparently changing up while on the same machine burns more calories! I love my shuffle too while working out!

    Trinity, 7 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead and eat those cheese puffs girl. So glad you are going into the last week of business travel. Hopefully you can get out and walk in the cooler Ontario weather!

    Ok, ladies. I did it. I went to WW today. easy child went to get her toe nails done while I was getting my nails done this morning. I dropped her off so she could get her car and go get her hair cut, then I needed to hit the grocer before Mom got here. I called WW and found out they had a meeting at noon. Doors opened at 11:30. I got there at 11:30, stepped on the scale, and got a gold star!!! I was down 4.8 pounds!!! I'm sticking to those water classes! Actually, I have an appointment Sunday with a trainer at the new club to get a new workout going on the cardio and the new machines. It's a little intimidating since I've never seen these kinds of machines and there are so many beautiful people there. But........I'm going to keep plugging.

    I'll tell you one thing. I have really noticed a difference with my feet. They don't hurt as much as they used to. And my heal is less painful than it's been in years.

  8. Loving Abbey 2

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    Hi Everyone, It sounds like everyone is doing well on thier program.

    I've been half on the wagon and half off. I'm still at about 14lbs, but I've ben there for a while. At least I haven't gained. I'd give my right arm for a cigarette (that's been just over a year). I haven't been on here a lot lately. Everytime I think things are settling down, they get worse. difficult child is still unstable and she has several appointments a week--so I'm missing lots of work and have to do it at home at night after I get her to bed. I'm just about finished with an application to hopefully provide her insurance for all of her mental health needs without restrictions. difficult child's great grandmother just got diagnosed with lymphoma (sp?). With all the losses she has had I just can't think about bad this is going to be for her.

    My best friend is moving away next week (3 1/2 hr drive away) and my only real friend at work is leaving on Friday to go to another agency. I have stopped letting difficult child see s2bx because he keeps triggering her. And on and on it goes.

    Brightside: difficult child is still at home and not yet kicked out of camp, I haven't gained any more weight, and I haven't been fired from all my time out of work with difficult child.

    Hopefully, I'll be around a bit more!