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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Sheila, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Baytown, TX is a small town just east of Houston. They've had 9 deaths in kids this year due to prescription drugs rxed for pain mgmt. They've all been classified as accidental ODs.

    While most of our kids get into drugs for reasons other than physical pain management, thought I'd post a heads up.
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    I feel sad for the people in this town. I wonder though, if the mom of the boy with cystic fibrosis knows the difference between drug addiction and drug dependency. If you are searching for a high, wanting mroe and more to get that high, then it is addiction. If your body is used to the drug and has withdrawal symptoms if you don't have it, but you function better on the medication, then you have physical dependency. So very many people don't understand this.

    I think the REAL problem is the pill mills that are giving these medications to just anyone. At times I have seen docs to deal with my health issues and have not been able to get any relief. I ahve taken every combo of those medications at one time or another, at the doctor's directions, to deal with my medical issues. And have since age 15.

    But for many of us with chronic pain issues, we CAN'T FIND anyone to treat our pain adequately. We spend hours and hours in agony, because regular docs are so scrutinized by the DEA that they CANNOT rx these medications in quantities to adequately treat our pain. Then we read about these "pill mills" and other docs who hand them out like candy to just anyone with a splinter. That makes ME angry.

    I hope that none of our kids is dealing with addiction to these medications, or with pain issues that require these medications.

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    Thanx Sheila!

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    Thanks for the heads up, Sheila. So very sad.