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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, Oct 4, 2010.

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    So, thank you's moved back down to our village (NOT home). I'm not crazy about it for many reasons, but he's a big boy and is free to do as he chooses. I just wish it weren't so close to home.

    Anyway, he bops into our home yesterday morning. No call, no knock, nada. husband and I had already decided we needed to have a chat with- our boy about boundaries and such, so that seemed like the perfect moment. thank you's in a "mood" and oozes himself onto our couch, and we see them. Three new piercings, 2 lower lip, 1 eyebrow. My stomach clenched. husband starts to question him about them and I cut him off - not our face, not our problem.

    So.... thank you's not participating much in the conversation, kind of the old sullen thank you we lived with- for so long. Silent, pouty (though that could be due to the 2 new holes in his lower lip). Finally the light bulb goes off for me.

    Me: thank you, did you pierce your tongue?
    thank you: No, Mom. I didn't pierce anything STUUUUUPID.

    Dead silence in the room. husband and I just look at each other, daring the other one to laugh first.

    thank you: (in a very quiet and sheepish tone) Well, besides these...

    Sigh.... does that count as being self-aware? :hammer:
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    Things that make you say Hmmmm......
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    Uh....really? Are ya SURE about that???
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    Geez, Sue, it wasn't anything STUUUUPID. :cheer_up: You have to give thank you credit for that! :hammer:That maternal tear of pride you're wiping from you eye is enough.
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    Besides THAT, what have the Romans done for us? (with-thanks to Monte Python.)