A Few Disabiliyt Questions


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My son is about to be released from prison and will soon have his first appointment with a psychiatrist. I do have all of his psychiatric records from the prison system. Should I go ahead and have him start the disability process now, using what records I do have, or wait until he establishes himself with the new doctor?
Also, he will be living with us. Should I say he is expected to pay rent or that we let him live there for free? How does SS view those living arrangements?
He has an old junker of a car that doesn't work, about $300 in the bank, and that's it.


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Go ahead and have him start the application now. As far as expenses go, when he moves in with you, he will be considered to be expected to contribute his fair share to the household expenses. You wont be able to charge him any rent obviously until he gets some money rolling in from some source. When he gets disability he can contribute from that. Cory gives us a portion of his check to cover his living expenses per SSI rules. Not that he likes it but oh well...lol.