A freaky story I would have told H.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Steely, Apr 24, 2008.

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    OK, so, as you know my workplace is, a, a bit wonky. I started there 5 months ago, and I have been involved with the police 5 times. I have had to call twice for unruly employees, and 3 times for theft stuff. Uh, weird. (Not to mention the bazillion times in the last 3 months that I have had to interact with cops because of H., and her ongoing investigation.)
    So, tonight as I am leaving the following unfolds.

    "Wow, did you see that the staff is going to get together next week for a boat ride on T. river" Employee Y says.
    "Yea, I did. It looks fun." Employee Z says.
    "Oh, man! Last time we did that, remember?"
    "B. fell in the river, and then all of his hair fell out."
    I gasp,
    "Yea, he fell in the river and all of his hair fell out, even his eyebrows," Employee Y says.
    "Seriously?" I reply.
    "Yea, then he died."
    Um.......What? "Whatta you mean, he died?" I ask.
    "Oh, well a year later he died from a heart attack." Employee Z says.
    "Yea, he was only 39, fell over dead." Employee Y says.
    "Was it from this toxic water episode?" I ask. (This river is known for it being a waste land from businesses around the city area.)
    "No." Employee Y says.
    "I think so, yes." Employee X says.
    I am still gasping, "He died?"
    "Yep!" All ten employees reply as we are leaving.
    "Wow, is this like a story you don't tell the new kid until they have been here for awhile or what?" I ask.

    So, still kinda reeling from, I don't know the weirdness of it all - and how this store seems toxic in and of itself - I walk out and one of the employees that was parked right next to me, had their car broken into. The window smashed, car stereo stolen, etc. (Did I mention already how, when we went to scatter H.'s ashes on a mountain top, our car got broken into.) So there I waited for the police, again.

    Seriously. I know I am feeling extra sensitive, but that story about the guy dropping dead at such a young age, after falling into toxic water really got to me. Especially since it seems everywhere I turn lately there is some kinda darkness.

    Then I am driving home, and I start to talk to H. in my head, and tell her about the guy and his hair falling out after falling into a sewage filled river in the nasty city I live in, and I started to laugh. H. would have laughed at that story. Not that him dying is funny, because before her death we probably would not have thought twice about the death part. We would have just laughed at the hilarity of me living in this over polluted over populated city, and just how disgusting it is.

    OMG I miss her! I know it sounds horrible that we would have laughed - but we would have. That silly ignorant laughter only best friends and sisters can have.

    Then again - maybe this place is cursed. Maybe I am cursed. The last year I have felt like only bad things can come my way. Actually the last 8 years. Possibly my whole life. Who knows. Then again, there is no such things as curses, right?

    Thanks, again, for listening. You guys are like my enormous, yet collective, cyber sister.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's a freaky, wonky, bizarre story to be sure, and one I'm sure your sister would have appreciated :) I think I'd pass on the boat ride if I were you!
  3. Nomad

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    Wow! I think I would make a polite excuse and not tell anyone at work your concerns.
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    I think I'd rather stay off the boat after hearing that!
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    ummm...uh...(snicker)...ok, I'm sorry...

    he's not dead, he's the

    ...I just had to get that out!

    Listen, you're going to tie things into your personal circumstances right now. It's natural. When my Mom died, we had 16 losses one after the other. Family, friends, distant friends, aquaintances oh yeah, and our dog.

    Ordinarily, these things would happen and you wouldn't quantify them. They just strike closer to home because of what's going on in your life.

    It's not a curse, it's not a horrible place to live, it's not that things will always be ugly. It's life. But here's the rub: it's the life that was going on before H, and it's the same life going on after everything fell apart. You're just more aware right now because your nerves are right under the layer of skin that you would normally have "exfoliated".

    Don't worry. Things will level out. H was riding in the car with you last night and I'll guarantee that she's the reason you laughed. Just wait. Pretty soon she's going to make you laugh at a most inopportune time (you know, when you're talking to an angry customer, your boss, your priest/minister). THAT's when you can be sure she's floating around. Face it, most sisters are famous for that kind of thing!

    Feel better Steely, I truly believe you deserve to!

  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    You have to laugh at the absurd!!! It will get you through the day and life!!!
  7. susiestar

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    Steely, I was laughing with you. I know how best friends can laugh at stuff, and can only imagine hwo sisters do (I was not blessed with one - only a gfgbro).

    In time you will see more positive things, but for now, laugh when you can. H IS with you, I truly believe it.

    Sending hugs,

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    Ditto. Wish I could have come up with-that!
    Keep that sense of humor. And come up with-a really bad case of seasickness and measles and gout the day of the boatride. Then sneak out for ice cream on your own. :)