A fun adventure saved the day!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, May 3, 2012.

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    Q and I had a fun adventure! I drove by my childhood home and the streets were all dug up (new sewers and gas lines) so I parked on the side street and we walked down the side walks. The man who owns our house was outside so I introduced myself and he is the guy who bought the house from my parents in 1981! He raised his family there and now they decided to retire there (it is a small house in a fabulous neighborhood.

    Q was amazing. He was so good you guys. When I picked him up from school he was awful. We tried to go to SA and he was just terrible and I had to leave the store. People told him what he was doing was not right, you dont treat your mom like that etc. and it was making it worse (he got attention for it) but then he went to his counseling and did great, then speech and did great too. We went to a lake in st paul that I love since it is half way home and we had a shortish walk he was a little blurty so we left and that is when I got the urge to go see my childhood home since we were in st. Paul. Q shook hands with the man, asked him questions, asked me questions about what it was like, did our phone have one of those dials that spun around etc. He thought the stories were funny (he usually says I KNOW and shut up etc... he was sooo appropriate).

    It all made up for the earlier transition stuff. There were big trucks digging and he took video with his galaxy player. We went and got a dollar ice cream cone and then home. Just was nice to have some fun.
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    Way to go Q for pulling it together! I'm glad you had a good time.
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    YAY! Gotta love every perfect minute! Sounds like a nice time. I love trips down memory lane.
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    Those moments are so precious! Good for you!
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    Yipee!!! I love it when days end on a good note.

    Just so you know, I live 3 blocks from my childhood home so my boys are "running" around the neighborhood I ran around in. My trips down memory lane are when I go past my grandparents home where my mom grew up and I spent most of my summers at. That town is about as far away as your childhood home is from your home only I have nothing but fields on the drive there. LOL
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    Don't know if you've noticed, Buddy... but the last week or two? Your posts have changed.
    Oh, sure, Q has his moments (or longer than that!).
    But... the trend. Did you notice the trend?

    Things are getting better!
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    So Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) to hear about the good time you had together. And I agree with insane: your posts are lighter/
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    Good for Q! Things are looking up in your world! :)
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    Gotta love it!!!!!!
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    So glad u had a fun adventure. hugs Rabbit
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    That sounds SOOO awesome!! I am glad it went so well. Did you get to see the inside of your childhood home? Have you ever showed it to Q before?

    My kids had a blast when we took them past our old neighborhood where I grew up. I think it blew Wiz' mind to think of me as a kid who had to follow my mom's rules, lol. We went on Halloween one year and the people in the home were sooo sweet! They even gave us a tour of the inside. I was blown away to see they kept the old wallpaper in what was my bro's and my rooms, and that the kitchen was still the same color too. These people bought it from the ones who got it from us. The people we sold it to got a notebook with all kinds of info about the house, and of course they didn't pass it on. So the new owners were thrilled to hear that the walls that divided the upstairs were totally removable and that I could still show them how. My dad built those walls to give bro and I each our own rooms. He wanted them to be removable easily.

    I bet that Q will remember this for YEARS. My older two still remember 'Halloween on the old block" very fondly.
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    yes susie that is what was so great. The man was outside and invited us through. I think he was as thrilled as I was. He was so kind to Q and answered his slightly off topic questions in a sweet and respectful way. All these memories flooded back and it was just really cool. So much of the house is (sadly) the same...the "modern" kitchen is the exact same with the same speckled laminate countertops, LOL. But for me that was wonderful. The woodwork is insanely beautiful. They never painted it and though a very small (technically was a one bedroom house and then little spots were made to be bedrooms so now is legally a four bedroom house with the basement remodel. .... anyway though it is a small house it is in a neighborhood with a wide range of houses, the one next door with a huge winding stair case (and a servant case in the back) and pool etc... every house is different and really beautiful in the area. It was a great neighborhood to grow up in and seems to still be that way. He said it is a really close group of people.

    It was just a really nice experience!