A funny from my granddaughter

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    First some background: there is a guy one town over from us who decorates his house and yard for every holiday. BIG TIME! He puts up so many lights that you can see his place from a mile away. More decorations for the minor holidays than most people put up for Christmas. Back yard, front yard, side yards, spotlights, figures, lights on fences, trees, deck, and just where ever he feels like it. Big deal.
    I had difficult child#2 take his kids to look at them for Valentines Day. Lots of red and white lights with hearts and all kinds of stuff. They loved it. So now it is decorated for St. Patrick's Day. Green and white lights all over; lighted shamrocks, leprechauns, etc., etc., etc. So yesterday I mentioned to difficult child that they ought to take the kids to see the lights before Monday because on Tuesday he will yank them all down and decorate for Easter. difficult child didn't want to go but he had me take their car with both car seats and take the kids so they could see the display. We drove around the block about ten times and my granddaughter (age 3) didn't want to quit even then but we started for home.
    I had tried to explain about St. Patrick's Day to her a little bit but it's kind of a silly holiday so I don't think she got most of what I said. In any case, as we were driving home she was really quiet and then she said,
    "Grandma, I think Patrick is gonna run out of lights."

    Good for a laugh.
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    Awwwww. Too cute Grandma. lmao
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    Too cute! Sounded weird to say "My Granddaughter" coming from your post. lol
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    I love spontaneous little kid funnies. There are just so...??...real.
    Thanks for sharing! DDD
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    Littles are just too darn cute! We think everything ours do is just next to genius...lmao. (I wont tell you how we think we have the American Idol of 14 years from now!)