A GFGmom story...just plain weird

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DDD, Apr 29, 2009.

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    GFGmom has been fairly low profile lately. She has a live-in boyfriend who is good with the children, soft spoken and hardworking although not educated. I
    think I shared that she didn't pay for difficult child's graduation fees/cap & gown etc. and thank heavens I found out in time to pay a penalty and get him signed up for the ceremony. Good Grief! We are not going to miss his graduation and neither is he. ;)

    Anyway..............are you ready for this one?????????

    difficult child tells me "guess what Mom did this week?" I reply "should I know, lol" and he says "oh yeah". GFGmom had a Psychic come to our house to check it out. Oh yeah :tongue: there are lots of old mean spirits in a Habitat house that is three years old? difficult child tells me "the Psychic looked even weirder than the fortune teller we visited a few years ago". I asked him what the woman said and he said when she walked into my room she said "this room has evil in it" :( difficult child said "I looked at her and said 'I know' and you can leave my room forever."

    It's crazy, sad and funny in a way. I asked him how much his Mom paid for the service and he said "you know Mom always lies. She said it was free".
    Yeah, right. Good Grief! DDD
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    Maybe the spirits were from the ground the house was built on. Hey, I saw "Poltergeist"- didn't you? ;)

  3. Hound dog

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    Smart kid!

    Gee, I'd think if there was evil in a room someone would've notice before the psychic made her visit. sheesh!
  4. Star*

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    Well then I think your difficult child daughter and my difficult child "adopted" girl could be bunk mates.

    She's the one that has had 6 children - only 2 lived; both preemies, and she was quite content to get welfare, wic, foodstamps and let everyone babysit and raise these two children until she met a "man".

    This man has known the girls since one was born (although he is NOT the father) and the other since she was 2 1/2. He bought her a lovely double wide and 1/2 home with 4 bedrooms, garage, sunken tub - master bedroom fireplace....that looks into the jacuzzi porch with walk in closets and furnished it all.

    It took her less than 2 months for it to be so pigged up you couldn't breathe when you walked in the kitchen (according to her Mom) I never got an invite and never went looking.

    So imagine my surprise when out of the blue I get a call that her 4 year old is "seeing" and "playing with" spirits from the dark side that have red eyes and first and last names. O.M.G. She said she thinks they are demons.

    Oh....um...okay. You're in a new house and the kid sees demons....and you're taking WHAT medicine for your mental illness? Ugh. So she called that Ghost busters show - and they CAME OUT.....and they stayed the night in her new, but now nasty home with tape recorders and the works....

    Of course the demon never revealed himself - and they didn't get any money - so that part is true. They don't pay for these stories. (would you?) lol.

    THen she went to someone in the white magic arts for some healing herbs and talismans. Then told us all that she's just TOO freaked to live in the house and needed to move back in with her Mother.

    Long story short - the boy friend caught her in bed with another man - can't take that this beautiful home is trashed, loves her girls and will keep them and raise them but he said she's moving home because he gave her a choice to be faithful to him.....and she said NOPE - and he wasn't babysitting the kids either - now with her moving to her Moms' her MOM can watch them.

    OH great for my friend huh? lol

    SO be warned - this may be a ploy to move......lol. Cause you know if you are being unfaithful your house would have mean spirits in it. lol.

    I'm so sorry - next thing you know she's be walking around with a tape recorder listening for EMF's.

    D3 - are you sure you don't have another daughter here in SC? lol
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    The description matches Starbie........hmmmmmmm, I suppose it is slightly possible that when I was at the U I took a roadtrip to SC with some evil spirit and produced alien #1. If so, it was my favorite pregnancy and delivery. ;)

    She just doesn't "get it" and seems to be on a collision course with the future. Her pleasant boyfriend is in his very early 30's and evidently wants to have a child of "his own". GFGmom evidently failed to tell him she was fixed after her last kid. OMG!

    Her housekeeping has improved a hair, I understand. According to easy child/difficult child that is because the boyfriend doesn't like filth AND she makes her seven year old do all the dishes, fold the clothes etc. :sick: I bet she hoped to get on TV.
    Then again, maybe she wanted to scare difficult child enough that he would "stop being AS". Quien sabe! DDD