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This IS NOT meant to offend anyone, Catholic, religious, other, or whathaveyou. Just funny that got to me tonight.

I went to a great Quilt show with my mom and gma. After we dropped gma off, went to mom's to get my car. This was tonight, Tues night. Mom had a pile of cookbooks on the floor of hte kitchen.

I asked her if she was getting rid of them, because I bought the top one while still in jr high. She said no, just moving them, but by all means, take it to your house (we both overfloweth with cookbooks). Then she said, Oh, here, you will enjoy this too.

The one I bought in Jr High: The 7 Deadly Chocolate Sins.

The one my mom sent with me: Baking with the BVM

For those of you who did not attend a Catholic school in the area I did, the BVM is shorthand for Blessed Virgin Mary.

So, was my mom trying to tell me something????




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A stage play cam out in Australia called "Nunsense" - I don't know if it was ever performed in the US. It's set in a Catholic girls school in Sydney, run by a convent occupied by a wide range of nuns from different backgrounds. It was very funny but also done very lovingly. Although I didn't go to a convent school I still 'recognised' a lot of the characters - the larrikin nun, who would do impressions with her wimple; the older, softly-spoken, shy nun who would speak really softly except to occasionally screech, "CAN YOU HEAR ME UP THE BACK? ((...oh, good...))" - and the Mother Superior, trying to rule them all with a rod of iron, even when faced with the rather irreverent recipe book that someone thought would be a good fundraiser - "John the Baptist salad - it's a head of lettuce on a silver platter" and Mary Magdalene tarts.

A lot of RCs went to see it and absolutely loved it. I knew a lot of nuns who went to see it as well - also loved it. But that recipe book...



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I'm not Catholic but I didn't KNOW you could do anything with the BVM. You Catholics really cook!

-Oh sometimes I kill me.


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Marg, I think the book is from a local production of the show Nunsense. It has the recipe you mentioned, along with many hilarious others. It is dated 1979 for what that is worth.

I just had the biggest giggle again when I called my mom - it took her a good minute to catch it. She was cackling with laughter when we hung up.