A glimpse into the amusement park that is my mind

Had my breathing test done today. But I had an awful time walking today. So, I valet parked at the hospital, and when I walked in, I asked the information desk lady to call for a "transport" (that is, someone to bring me a wheelchair and wheel me to the lab).

So, they are pushing me to the lab. I'm looking at all the doors as I roll by. Janitor closet. Electrical closet. Inspector closet. That one made me snicker. I'm picturing that if you open that closet, you see a bunch of cartoon trench coats and hats belonging to Inspector Gadget hanging in there.

Then we turn the corner. I see a set of double doors, with "E D Obesrvation Lab" written on it. Well, I laughed out loud. Forgetting that there is somebody pushing me in the wheelchair. He asks me what it so funny? I give him the "Oh, just thought of something funny". Yeah, just thought of a bunch of doctors, with legal pads, standing around and "observing" some dude who just took Viagra.

"Hmm, yes, it seems to be erect."
"Yes doctor, I believe you are right."
15 other doctors jot notes in their legal pads. Some draw pictures.

One pulls out a tape measure.


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OMG....how hilarious! You are a riot!!!

You would fit right in around this house.

You know those Enzyte commercials? With Bob? Well my husband thinks those are the funniest things around and one came on the other day and my oldest son and him were watching tv and I wasnt paying any attention. I had been saying something to them about some other topic all together. They were laughing about the Enzyte stuff and talking about ordering some and I didnt hear them but they said something about getting some but I said something at just the exact time that it came out that I wouldnt know where one would put such a thing!