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    The day started off couponing with easy child of course. Rite aide has a ton of cold medications on sale for basically free, no coupon needed on a lot of it so check your ads ladies. And since I seem to catch every bug the grandkids come into contact with........I'm stocking up on everything I can get my hands on especially if it's cheap or free. lol

    Lil Connor came with us. He's such a happy lil guy, and he loves to flirt with his Nana. Since I saved so much on other things, I splurged a bit on more decor for halloween........the wind was a tad brutal on my spooky cemetery and I lost several tombstones.

    Then home for a quick lunch and off to pick up Kayla. I decided helping Nana decorate would be a good excuse to spend an afternoon together. We stopped at walmart on the way home for pumpkins and gourds.......filled up my whole trunk.

    She helped me with the pumpkins first. I have straw bales stacked in the front yard decorated with spiderwebs and huge spiders (look real).......I got these adorable kits for the pumpkins where you stick on eyes ect like a potato head man. So Kayla got to do all the pumpkins but one that way. They are super cute and not scary. I had to back off on the scary a bit because I don't want to spook out the little ones too much. There is a puppy, a kitty, a piggy, and a funny looking monster. lol Then she helped me hang my witch and the rubber bats I bought from the porch ceiling. We set out some more bones for the cemetery (they were on sale so I bought more) and I'll tell ya putting garden dirt around the bones......makes it really look like they're coming up out of the ground! (I had left over dirt from gardening) Then we put the "bloody" window clings onto the windows.....and some cute disney ones too. Put up some "police tape" around the house, hung some spooky fabric over the windows ect. Then we made the scarecrow out of some old clothes of husband's and crumbled up newspaper. His head is a pumpkin with an old man rubber mask over it. :pumpkin::vampire:

    Of course we visited too. In all she spent about 4 1/2 hrs with me this afternoon. We couldn't set up the graveyard again because it's still too windy and I'm not replacing the darn tombstones again. ugh I'll put them out when this wind quits.

    We talked a bit about the rift between Nichole and her mom. I explained to her that she has to remember that while the're grown ups they're still sisters, and siblings don't always agree on everything and are going to have their spats now and again. She asked me if I thought they'd make up and I said yes, eventually. But it would help if katie would unblock nichole on fb so she could try to mend things over. (Nichole has tried, but katie blocked her) And I said they might smooth things over at the party this weekend. Then kayla let it slip she doesn't think her mom is going to go to the party. Which I figured she was going to try to weasel out of it.......because she asked me last night if I really want her there.

    Got news for Katie, either she comes or her kids stay home. I'm NOT going to try to rein in those 2 boys while trying to host a party. Not happening. And I'll be majorly POed (and she will hear about it) if she doesn't come so they can't come. This party is for the grandkids, she can svck it up and grow a frimping backbone. omg

    Any how, my house is properly decorated for Halloween. I want just a tad NUTS on decorations and party favors. Kayla had a lot of fun today and I told her as long as no more major crisis hit in the future there will be more days like this and that I'll also let Evan and Alex have turns.

    **Kayla also let it slip that she's pretty sure her mom won't be able to buy them pumpkins for the BYOP part of the party, which ticks me off as I warned her weeks ago. Without pumpkins the kids won't be able to carve......so I guess Nana will pick up back up pumpkins next time I go to walmart and keep them hidden in the family room just in case**

    All in all though, a very fun day. :)
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    $10.00 for 3 kids pumpkins when EVERYTHING in the world is being literally PAID for ---------

    FOR HER?

    I swear I Think I am going to call Ohio and tell them that Katie whaserface doesn't need money - she needs a swift kick in the **** - and a person to manage her money--------OMG are you KIDDING? with what she gets a month? and you teaching her couponing? She better hope it doesn't get in OHIO like it's going to go here - drug tests for food stamps and Welfare bennies......it's coming.....

    (says softly while shaking head -id....eeeee.yot)

    Congratulations on having a sooooooooooper spooky and fun day.
  3. keista

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    Despite the Katie issues, sounds like it was a wonderful day. Enjoy it all. :)
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Better idea..........stuff Katie in the scare crow outfit and go hang HER in a field somewhere.......ugh. (sorry she's just sooooooo mellow-dramatic) and always mucking things up "I'm the center of my universe, I'm the center of my universe and I want everyone svcked into the vortex that is my black hole of existence.") Good grief even Captain Kirk took some time off.
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well my day just got shot to h ell. I'll be posting in PE.....................
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    Glad you were able to enjoy decorating wth Kayla, and couponing with easy child and Connor.
  7. DDD

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    So glad you enjoyed the good parts of the day. It's hard to segregate all the emotional issues but on occasion the vibes just seem "normal".......and that's great. DDD
  8. hearts and roses

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    I'm glad you at least got that quality time with Kayla. She needs time to just be a little kid too.