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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Shari

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    As some old timers might recall, difficult child 2 had to have extensive dental surgery (to the tune of $4k plus) back in January. Between medications and sensory issues, he was close to losing most of his molars. As is usually the case, he hid under the chairs and the appointments just to set up the surgery took hours.

    He had an appointment for cleaning today, and it went GREAT. He didn't hide under chairs, he cooperated, and the best news - he's been brushing with a flouride rinse, and its been more than enough to keep his teeth healthy without making him gag and puke on toothpaste.

    PLUS the assistant was able to use toothpaste on about half of his teeth with the "spinning" brush this morning. (the rest she had to do manually with a regular toothbrush and no paste, but...)

    As we left, the dentist pulled me aside and said "Great job, mom! Drastic improvements!"

    I appreciate her kudos, but I can't take the credit, but that aside, he was a WHOLE bunch better than the last time she saw him. Put me on cloud 9!

    Thanks for listening.

    (PS - next week is our annual week long camping trip. difficult child has gotten in a substantial fight on the playground every year we've gone (Last year, he took a plastic baseball bat to a 14 year old boy and beat the tar out of him (and for some reason, I keep going back??? Something's wrong with me...)). So remind me in a couple weeks how happy I am at how well difficult child's doing right now, ok? lol)
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    Great accomplishment!

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    That's great news! Enjoy your camping trip! :beach:
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    Great news! Sometimes a difficult child has to realize what they can get through before it becomes not so overwhelming. He went through all that dental work and now - he can handle it without it totally overwhelming him.

    Good luck with the camping!

    :bravo: to difficult child and :warrior: for you!
  5. Wiped Out

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    Way To Go difficult child! :bravo:Way To Go Warrior Mom! :warrior: I hope all goes well with the camping trip and you can come back and do another good news post :smile:
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    Aww, that's nice to hear! Good news, hon!
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    That's really good news. Does difficult child realise how far he's come?

    I hope the camping trip goes OK. I would be keeping a close watch to make sure that the other kids aren't needling him. It sure sounds familiar.

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    Doing the happy dance for you and difficult child! :princess:
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    Great post!! :bravo:

    It's so nice when they are able to jump a huge hurdle! Is he as proud of himself as you are? I hope so!

    Also hoping the camping trip goes well, too! Crossing my body parts! :wink: