a good update


It's been a little while since I last wrote and this time it's all good :bravo:

Jess is doing wonderful now that the home is being run properly and by people who are firm and fair.

She is taking three summer classes, is taking part in a youth training program and just recieved her certification in first aid and cpr...in fact she was top of her class!!! yay!

I met her yesterday...in public and supervised from a distance....she was dressed nicely, no dark makeup and about five shades of ornage and red in her hair. She appeared happy, talked a ton, and said she loved me and hugged me before heading back to class.

The lady who brought her to the park told me that Jess' attitude has changed a bit. She accepts the consequences of her actions most of the time, comes in most of the time on curfew, and is also going to see her psychiatrist regularly. She said the psychiatrist has diagnosis'ed her with ADD, chronic low self esteem and insomnia as well as her ODD. Her regular doctor said she has beent tested and has auto immunne problems.

All in all it was wonderful to see her. We talked about lots of things and I told her I was very proud of her. I also told her I understood she will eventually be out on her own and I've accepted that she will not move back home.

I think it went well....


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I'd say she's changed!!! Wow!!! :bravo:

What a wonderful update!!! I'm sooooo happy things have turned around for you both.



Being a difficult child, I know she will backslide....that's a given. I was just happy to see a little piece of the girl I used to know.

For me, finally accepting she is not going to ever move back home as long as her dad is here was the hard part. But I do accept it...they are oil and water(very long story).

What I am finding difficult to accept though is that her dad wants nothing at all to do with her, hates when I talk about her and has been taking down the many pics of her around the house. That really hurts...

I don't understand how a parent can hate his own child...and that's what he says....he hates her and I believe him....it's the look on his face when he says it....

But I am very happy and proud of her....


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Thanks for the update. It sounds like Jess has improved a lot. I'm glad you had a nice visit with her.

As far as your husband hating her, I can actually understand that. I myself have hated Melissa at times. A few minutes here, a few minutes there. I've said it to husband, "I hate Melissa!" and I truly meant it at the time. I felt she drove me to it. My hate never lasts, but I can understand where your husband is coming from.