A great day yesterday - much needed for our family!

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    Some really long term members will remember way back in the day when I joined the board. I was still with easy child's fathers. He was divorced with 3 kids when he and I met. During the time we were together, we had his other 3 children with us much of the time. Their bio mom was married to a abusive alcoholic, the kids were often with us because it wasnt' safe at home. I grew very attached to the kids and love them very much. easy child's dad wasnt' very hands on so to speak. It was up to me to care for his 3, easy child and my difficult child. 5 kids and a grown man/child, and I was early 20's myself. It was a handful but I loved those kids.

    Well over the years, my ex stopped contact with his 3 kids. He is to this day very involved with my easy child. But it's been 8 years since he's seen the other 3 kids. However, I've remained in touch by telephone and internet with the kids and their mother all these years.

    Yesterday they drove up (a 6 hour drive each way!) to spend the day. We had a awesome time! My easy child doesn't remember them in person. She was too young. She was so excited. I didn't get her to sleep until midnight, she was overwhelmed!

    The kids are all growing up or grown! easy child's sister is now 16 but looks 20. She's beautiful too. She is SOOOO like my easy child it is uncanny. easy child's brothers are 18 and 20 now. It is unreal how handsome they are. They haven't changed. They squeezed the bejeepers outta me in big bear hugs. They remember everything since they're so much older than easy child. The kids went for a nice dinner out together, while their mom and I went elsewhere for dinner on our own. They were like birds of a feather by the time they returned, all shyness was over and they were so comfortable together. I took tons of pics of the 4 kids. They stayed quite late, we had a fire outside etc. They drove through the night to return home.

    I wanted to share it with you all :) . It felt so good to see the kids, they are still wonderful kids (mini adults!) and they were so loving to their sister. Thank goodness we have stayed in touch. They are bonded in spite of not seeing easy child for so long. The other 3 kids are very close as siblings. So they kinda just wrapped easy child into their fold and easy child was walking on air.

    She's all aflutter today with talking about yesterday :) :) :)

    It must be the summer to "meet your siblings" or something! I am going to be meeting my 11 year old sister I've never met too! She shoudl be coming up in the next couple of weeks. We are now talking online daily. She's such a cutie. I'll be able to spend an entire day with her. We are going out to eat, to the beach, and probably to the movies or something. I'm as excited as my easy child was yesterday.

    With the psycho neighbour , S/O being attacked by him, etc, it's wonderful to have seen the kids yesterday and to see their expressions as they scoped out easy child and easy child scoped them out. Watching them hug and cry when they left, I knew that the visit was perfect. I'm so happy for them all :) :) :)
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    That sounds incredible! You guys definately needed some good times lately and that more than fits the bill!

    How are things going by the way? Any progress?
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    Thank you!
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    How wonderful!!!
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    So wonderful to have great times with family. I hope they can come again soon - maybe stay for a longer visit. Maybe they will since this visit was beyond successful.

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    They are all 3 in the process of getting their drivers license's so they plan to be coming to visit more often for longer periods. The oldest was to hear Mon. a.m. about a job that he interviewed for, she they couldn't stay longer than the day but will be back :) I look forward to it.

    Definitly we needed something good to happen round here :) This fit the bill for sure.

    Not much progress on the neighbour front. Things are quiet. He is pretty quiet around here. The owner was here from Toronto where he lives, last week. He, myself and the superintendent, S/O, and a few other tenants, were sitting across the street at some patio tables having a visit (nothing to do with the neighbour either) and the neighbour was out to check his mail. He stopped in his tracks seeing a large group of us together with the owner. I think it made him paranoid or something, you could just see he thought it was about him. Hes not really been seen since that I am aware of. I like it that way. Nice and quiet. Court is Friday morning for the landlord/tenant tribunal. It had BETTER be a easy process to get the court order and a move out date that is enforceable by the sherrif. Keeping fingers crossed!