A Great Day!


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With all the challenges I (we) face day in and day out, I find that it is also important to revel in the good things that happen!

Today was a great day!

When I picked Seb up from camp today he came bounding to me, beaming a wide smile. Covered in mud after a full day of frog catching and hiking, he was holding two pieces of construction paper in his hand-- upon them, two phone numbers.

"I made two really good friends today Mom!" he told me. I was so happy-- especially in light of the recent difficulties with peer relations and aggression towards other kids. This was great news after some really horrid eposides involving other kids.

"That's great Seb!" I gushed. Seb looked around. "Don't call me by my real name. Call me King Cobra" he whispered. I looked more closely at the phone numbers on the construction paper. Beside the names was written" Copper Head and Diamondback. The three boys decided to use secret snake names. "Diamondback is going to call us for a playdate" Seb exclaimed.

It made me so happy to see that Seb could make friends-- that he's not the eternal irritable, unfriendly misanthrope.

Yay for good days like this!

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I'm so glad he had such a good day! It does our mommy hearts good to have days like these and to remember them on the not so good ones. May there be many more! :dance:

Too cute about the snake names!


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Well, if that did not feel like having a easy child - I do not know what would!! Enjoy the moment and keep it in your head to remind yourself of what your difficult child can be. It helps!