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    Yesterday difficult child did get to go to his wrestling tournament. difficult child is so inexperienced compared to other kids his age-most have been doing it for many years-this is difficult child's 3rd year and he hasn't won a match since his first year and then it was only two. Fine with us and difficult child tries hard.

    After he wrestled the first guy and was pinned quickly he said he would probably take last place. We told him as long as he tried his best we were proud. He said he does (and from watching him you know it's true). The next two matches he didn't get pinned but lost on points. The last match the boy was really good-had pinned the others in the first round, he's been to state. difficult child wrestled him into the second round (I'm guessing the child may have decided to give difficult child more of a chance to wrestle).

    After, the dad went up to talk with difficult child, told him to keep trying hard, etc. Told difficult child his son had been wrestling for 9 years. Anyways I went to collect coats and things while husband hung out with difficult child to get his medal for 5th place.

    Next thing I see is difficult child carrying out a first place trophy and wondered what was going on-I wouldn't have put it past difficult child to have asked for it. husband said the boy approached difficult child and asked if he would be willing to trade his medal for the trophy. husband told the boy that was very nice but that he had earned the trophy and difficult child would need to work on earning his own. The dad said it was fine-that his son had lots of trophies.

    You wouldn't believe the grin on difficult child's face! We talked to him about how he could look at it as a first place for effort and being a good sport and that he could use it as a goal for what he wants to accomplish. I hope that boy has some idea of how happy he made difficult child.
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    I think the other boy knew what he was doing.. I only wish more kids were like him. It would make life for our kids so much better.
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    Waht a nice story for everyone !!!
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    :thumbsup: So nice to hear. You know, some fanatic parents with kids in sports could learn something from that example.
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    wow! That boy has wonderful sportsmanship!
    glad your difficult child had a happy moment and it does sound like he gave it his best shot against these guys!
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    What a nice story!! Geez...it goes a long way for helping difficult child and knowing that other parents are trying hard to teach their kids good things, too. Any chance you could get difficult child to send a thank you card??
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    How wonderful! It is nice to see such a great example of sportsmanship from a child - and VERY refreshing compared to the wrestling dads here - who are FAR more likely to humiliate another child to give their child some "advantage".

    I hope difficult child continues to wrestle and continues to enjoy it!
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    Awesome! What a wonderful, warm-hearted moment! :D
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    Now there's a child who has empathy and will be able to touch others with his life! What a great story Sharon. Thanks for sharing.

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    That was an amazing moment. Thank you for sharing. It always amazes me when children have that kind of capacity for sharing and kindness.
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    That one made my heart SOAR.

    Ever read the story about Shay? It's been around for a few years, I get it about once every 6 months through email. Don't know if it is true or not but it is similar. I'll have to go look for that now.
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    Thanks for the heart warming story this morning!!!:D These are the types of things that make the beginning of the day so much brighter.:D WFEN
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    :bravo::bravo:How awesome. That is great.
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    How sweet!!! That is so nice. I have the goosebumps!!! I bet your son was feeling on top of the world. Good for him. :)
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    I AM IN TEARS.THAT IS wonderful. I have been a sports mom for over 13 years and that is so amazing!!!! Compassion
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    NOW THAT is what I CALL -


    Your son must REALLY have earned that trophy for a peer to notice and offer it. HOW very cool!

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    Thanks everyone-it was really special of this child to do this for difficult child. Good idea about sending a thank you note but unfortunately not possible. I'm not sure what school or town he is from or even what his name was. I do know that he made difficult child really feel good!
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    He was just an angel sent to make difficult child feel good. :)
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    That was awesome! I'm so glad you shared this story with us.