A little bit of divine intervention?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterbee, May 30, 2008.

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    difficult child has been struggling lately. One of the things that she talks about a lot is that she doesn't know anyone in the neighborhood and she's too afraid/shy/anxious/doesn't know how to make new friends. She cries about this a lot lately.

    Her one friend who she's been friends with since they were 4 years old is moving in on the road behind us...4 houses down. While these two girls together sometimes become too much and often need breaks from each other as they get frustrated with each other, they've stayed friends. I don't know if it's convenience, but I do know that they seem to share a lot of the same interests and that always helps. And this friend has no problem meeting people and going out and doing things.

    I think this will help difficult child dramatically in meeting the other kids in the neighborhood. It will give her a friend to do things with and will be an opportunity for her to meet the other kids without having to do it alone. Cause, face it, at 13 it's not cool to have your mom set up play dates.

    And as this friend will only be with her dad (who is the one moving in behind us) every other day and every other weekend, it will still give them time apart and will give difficult child an opportunity to further any new friendships on her own.

    Whether it's God, coincidence, luck, fate, destiny, or the planets aligned just right, I'm always left feeling so blessed by the events that happen in our lives. The timing of this is *perfect*.
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    That's super! Glad she is getting someone her age. At 13, girls really do need someone to confide in.

    I'd still push her to pick an activity of some sort to join in that has kids her age. I know this scares her, but she needs to start learning how to do this. If she can do it with something she truly likes doing, it will give her common ground and will help.
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    Oh, I still plan on getting her involved.

    I'm really pushing volunteering at the Humane Society. She loves animals and for kids under 14, parents have to be with the kids while they volunteer. So, it's a really 'safe' way for her to get started and not feel like a baby cause Mom is there with her.

    The next Volunteer Orientation meeting is June 7 and we'll be there.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Things have a way of working out -- and I'm glad it's happening sooner rather later later for your difficult child :)
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    Yes, especially if her friend can introduce her to other friends. I just hope they can "share" friends. Should be an interesting summer!
    I'm rattling extra beads for friendship success.
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    Sharing friends will be interesting as they have had issues with that in the past. But, they are both maturing so we'll see. It will just be good for her to have someone to pal around with and be a 13 year old kid.

    Right now, difficult child is in hog heaven. Her tutor talked to her about getting together with herself and another one of her students that she thought would get along really well with difficult child. And right now her tutor is texting her to make the arrangements and said this other little girl (14, I guess not little...but to me...) is excited about it. So, not only does she have a movie to go see with a potential new friend tomorrow she's getting text messages on her phone!:bigsmile:
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    What good news! kt has the same issues with friends & has none in the neighborhood. We're working on some of those issues this summer with Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker & in home therapist.

    kt will also be volunteering at the Humane Society this summer. She will be 14 early July & will not need the supervision; however her PCA will be attending with her.

    This has to be the hardest component of watching our difficult children ~ the friendship issues. It's so hard
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    I agree the friendship issue is so hard. I'm glad she has a friend moving in close by-it should be very good for her!
  9. DammitJanet

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    Is wynter into anything like swimming, track, volleyball, crafts, or even girl scouts? Surely to heck there are some kinds of clubs available for something she is interested in. Stamp collecting, scrapbooking, ...heck I dont know. Im a hermit myself.
  10. Christy

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    :) Wonderful News.
  11. tryinghard

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    That is wonderful!
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    Thanks, ladies.

    Janet - I'm kinda a hermit, too. I'm quite happy in my house and outside taking care of my flowers.

    She's not interested in doing anything sports related. She did very well in gymnastics, but other than that she's not very athletically inclined. And she's not interested in team sports. We'll start with the Humane Society. After that we'll find something else that fits.

    She is currently at the movies with her tutor and another student of the tutor's. And easy child is sleeping after a hard day at work.

    What's that noise? Oh yeah, that's quiet. I'd forgotten what that sounds like. :)