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    heee heee
    The most interesting thing has happened. For those of you following the latest difficult child saga, I emailed the social worker working with- difficult child at the disability office...helping her find a pt job. I've got to say, generally speaking, difficult child has been trying to find a pt job. She is doing a fairly good job, in that she has applied at many, many places. She needs help finding more opportunities and in filling out applications, etc.

    The first representative she got, didn't help her much. So, difficult child discovered someone else from the office who was more helpful and is now working with him. In a short time, he found a few places for difficult child to apply.

    When I mentioned the Goodwill Training program...hmmmm...all of a sudden...things are moving even QUICKER. They would prefer she didn't do the Goodwill Training. They want her to save this for a very last resort...they want her to stick with their program (probably a good idea).

    Friday, difficult child had an unexpected interview. Now, she's got another one on Thursday.

    This is in addition to two applications that are on file for other things. We also got a call from the Supervisor today.

    It's hard to say if any of these jobs will become a reality...but this is more action than she has had in the many months she has been with the program.

    difficult child is excited...she is anxious about working...but feels that the right job pt would be a good thing for her. We all feel this way.

    The social worker she is dealing with says that he wants to find her a job with a little more responsibility and he wants to be in the loop to help her when she has problems...this seems like a good deal to me. I'm glad that they are actively working her case. For many months, I wasn't sure that was the situation.

    by the way, the other day husband and I saw difficult child and she was actually somewhat contrite (be still my heart). She actually said she thinks she is "lazy." Say what? She is being rather quiet and contemplative...and has stopped acusing me of messing up her life.

    You see, a few days ago she said that it is my fault that she can't say no to folks, which causes her to give her food away. The reason why is because when she was younger and had problems with raging, I told her to walk away from trouble at school (instead of raging). She said because of this...it is my fault that she is having these current problems. At one point in the conversation I said, "difficult child, I hereby absolve you of the need to walk away from your problems. You are now a responsible woman and can and will face your problems in a mature manner," (or something like this). I can tell...it REALLY got to her.

    Anyway, bottom line, is that difficult child is going on job interviews regularly these days and is quietly thinking about being "knighted" a responsible young woman. Heee heeeee ;) Oh...seems difficult child is riding the up and down coller coaster. Up one day, really down the other. It is what it is. For me...life moves on...I will survive (can you hear the song??)
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    Fingers crossed, Nomad!

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    It's all good news and hopefully the beginning of a lasting turn of thinking on your difficult child's part. I too am keeping my ditgits crossed. -RM
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    Well.....husband and I are just happy when difficult child has a lightbulb moment. How long it lasts is anyones guess.

    We continue to refuse to help her get food at this time. We had worked out a deal with her previously and are sticking to it. The timing is off, cause she spent all her food money on other people. She asks husband for work daily, but that is not in the cards right now. So, she is going to the food bank and she seems to have convinced the parents of the boys (big time difficult children) who she gave the food to to give her some meals. I'm more or less okay with that. Guess what? These folks live in a huge mansion..have kicked their boys out...the father wants nothing to do with his boys, but kinda likes my difficult child.

    Its nice to see her getting support that she needs with reference to looking for a job. Hopefully, this will last for the duration.

    I told difficult child if there was no "drama" this week, I would like to take her to the movies soon. She seem to like this.

    It is what it is. I've got the sign up in the house to remind me.
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    I hope she finds a job that she likes and is excited about. The interest and prospects have to be encouraging for her.

    Let's hope she has a drama free week and you can go to the movies for a few hours of entertainment together.
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    .........At first I was afraid....I was petrified....Kept thinking.....:tongue:

    YOU TOTALLY ROCK MOM! I absolve you. OMG snort THAT was CLASSIC!!!!


    I'm glad to hear things are progressing so nicely!