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    From my own warped version of a college catalogue

    English 413 - APE: Acronyms Please Everyone, a course specially designed for those charged with naming projects, procedures, departments, initiatives, movements, plans, organizations, new diseases, drugs, bugs and syndromes.

    Help avoid ghastly mistakes like naming your NGO a swear word in a foreign language, create acronyms that fall lilting from the tongue, find ways to undercut your competition with a look-a-like acronym to match your look-a-like product, artfully dodge embarrassing moments when you would otherwise have to pronounce the entire 15 syllable name of the disease you discovered.

    Join us for this 4 week course and bring your own challenging project for the class to analyze, copy and/or steal.

    Government officials - Need help coming up with the most awkward acronym possible? Need to find a way to justify ordering all new stationary for your entire department of 15,000 employees by changing just one word in your department name? Want to out do your other State competition in vying for the most incredible acronym any Federal oversight committee has ever seen?

    Well, there will be a special 8 week session just for you coming this fall to help address these and other challenges peculiar to the demands of the public sector.

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    Star* call 911........call 911

  3. AnnieO

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    What's even better is, the federal government has all these acronyms, then treats them as a word, then mispronounces it and/or the acronym isn't quite right.

    ASAP was a good one, as is FUBAR. However - TDY is Temporary DutY (err...). A ditty is a song, but a DITY is a Do-IT-Yourself move. IAW isn't a union; it's In Accordance With and is pronounced YAW.

    A MORD is not something dead, but a Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Document.

    I could go on, but I won't...
  4. KTMom91

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    The four seasons I spent at the IRS are coming back to haunt me! Everything, and I mean everything, has either an acronym or a cute little nickname. Shocked the heck out of the CSR when I called to request our income transcripts..."No, I want an IRPTR, not a return transcript. Yes, go back five years. Then go ahead and order the..."
  5. AnnieO

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    Retail has a language too... I never knew what an endcap or planogram was till I worked for Target...
  6. keista

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    Ahhhhh, retail. My favorite term was 'iron'? As in "I'm working an iron today". Meant a double shift - because by the end you felt like you got hit with an ....iron.
  7. 1905

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    I heard 2 on the radio from a computer repairman, he used these when he called his main office to refer to the customer's problem, with-o the customer knowing what he was saying. PEBCAP, he would say that and it means "Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair". Another he had is this, he would say these letters and number "I-D-10-T" (Of course it spells idiot when you read it, but if someone says it with the number 10 in there, the customer doesn't understand what the problem is).
  8. KTMom91

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    After ten years of retail management...my favorite expression was one I heard from the DM, on a day when corporate was coming to visit. "Hey...got any aspirin? I have a brass headache."

    And when at Target? I take great pleasure in moving/hiding the big black POS pricing guns they leave lying around. I know how to take my own markdowns, dude...don't leave the gun unattended.
  9. trinityroyal

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    A few of my favourites:

    PLO -- Please Leave On, as in "please don't erase the whiteboard because we spent hours creating this excruciatingly complex flow chart but no one thought to write it down before we left the meeting room"

    PTO -- Please Turn Over, cause there's more stuff on the reverse side

    MT -- This container no longer has any contents

    NFG -- No ** Good, this component no longer works.

    MP -- Meat Puppet, the user who caused the PEBKAC (see Upallnight's post earlier)
  10. AnnieO

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    KTMom - the LRTs used to be huge and gray, and we had to sign them out...
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    This is all SOoooooooo made up. Just like that leave on button on your texting right......lol.
  12. trinityroyal

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    Star, As the MP who's computer is NFG due to PEBKAC, and is sitting here with her teacup MT...I swear that these are all real. In use in my office (and others) on a daily basis.