A Little Gift From God

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by LauraH, Nov 28, 2018.

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    My son finally made it to the hospital to Baker Act himself...not so much because he was a danger to himself or others but to get his medications straightened out. He was discharged today but his first appointment with an outpatient program that can set him up to get his prescriptions for $7 each isn't until next week, and they didn't have any available to give him on discharge.

    I reluctantly agreed to get seven days' worth of his medications, although I am sort of strapped for cash for the next couple of weeks and it would cost me $72 out of pocket. I also told my son that's the last dime he gets from me until he gets a job and starts giving me at least $10 out of every paycheck until that $72 is paid off.

    I didn't know until I went to pay for his medications that someone in the pharmacy had used the code for their own discount program when ringing it up. I was pleasantly shocked and surprised when the cost dropped from $72 to $16!! Still money I didn't have to spend, but much much less of a bite out of my bank account.

    Thank you, Jesus! If that wasn't a gift from above, I don't know what is!
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  2. Smithmom

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    Wow! Great news!
  3. RN0441

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    It was a gift from above.
  4. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    My coworker calls it a "God Wink" which I think is adorable!
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  5. TerryJ2

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    WOW! Excellent! What a sweetheart. There ARE Earth angels. :)