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    I took Q to the main therapy center (connected to the one he goes to for Occupational Therapist (OT), SLT, PT, counseling)... and he had an intake for a teen/young adult boys group for guys with brain injuries. He talked to the behavior person for about 45 minutes then she talked to me...she got him right away and said, he is the kind of kid the mental health system can really mess up. Every once in a while it is nice to be in a place where they really do understand brain injury and you dont feel like the one with the crazy kid. I met the other boys that came that day while they were waiting for group. One Q's age and two 18. One does not speak English much but LOVES race cars and had a race car shirt on. they ALL had scars all over their heads and Q always feels like he is the only one. (his was the most subtle actually... his hair covers it a little better than theirs but he was so young and his head grew and it flattened out really well. Still it is a huge question mark from his right ear up the side and circling back along the side of his head. None of them were white and I think he liked that too. (he is often the only one of color)

    He had planned to tell the person that I had made bruises on his arm (He sucked on it and bit on it to make bruises like mine...no luck, mine are all colors with scabs from the nails he dug in) and I was able to pull her aside and let her know that I had told him she had the power to tell if he lied, she told him ... I can tell you sucked on it and he said you can TELL I did it??? He had already confessed to doing it himself but he was shocked she knew how. He had told her he did it himself to get me into trouble. She said no one would believe him so he said oh, OK.

    Anyway, after the meeting which she said actually went well (but her question... is he always moving around like that, LOL???)

    He then tried 45 minutes of the group. Then he came out for their break and the guys went back alone.. she said he did great... she thought it will work out. She is going to talk to the other facilitator who was on vacation but she thinks it would be a good fit. She doesn't seem put off by the fact he can be aggressive but said she did tell him that none of these guys does that or likes that so she asked what he will do if he is upset. He told her he woudl want to go for a walk and then SHE could get over it. LOL!!!!

    She said ok, he can walk the hall but he can't go in the elevators or anything like that. He agreed (yeah, we will see).

    I really hope they can get to know him because they are a bridge for support for him in the future with vocational and independent living options.

    She is going to call next week when her partner is back...
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    Oh fingers and toes are crossed for Q. It sounds like it would be a nice fit for him, with some boys similar to him. And adults that understand him. I hope that he continues to go and that he is "accepted" into the group.
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    Oh how cool. That sounds awesome!! How great for him. Pretzeling and praying here. What does Q think about the group? Did he give you any feedback? Is that at CC?
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    Here's the sad thing that school really dropped the ball on .... he likes everything! He loved it.
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    Really hope this turns out to be a lasting and positive connection for you. April will bring answers, one way and another. You need some, and before too long :)
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    Serious? Like, long-long-long-term support?
    Buddy, this ain't "little", it's huge!
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    Oh I'm so happy for you. Keep on working like a demon, hang in there and you'll see: things will fall into place. You are SO close. And remember to tell yourself every night what a wonderful mother you are.
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    How awesome that there is such specific social group matching his needs. Had you been aware of it all along or did someone just refer you? I'm thrilled at the possibilities. I wonder if the other teens go to different school programs? My brain is always working, lol.

    Ten or twelve years ago I "discovered" that there was a social skills group that might help difficult child#2. I still recall that it was sixteen consequitive Saurday mornings (two plus hours away, sigh) and cost $1800. That's how valuable the opportunity was for him. Had I been able to "reup" for a second series there likely would have been some deep long range value. on the other hand at least for awhile he could "see" he was not alone and I could "feel" that I was not alone in the scary world of dysfunction. I hope your experiences far outweigh mine and lead to future opportunities. Hugs DDD
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    Yes, this is part of a large rehabilitation organization that has a residential unit for spinal injuries and brain injuries, they work with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disorders.... anyway, in the past we lived in a place where it was a long way away but now we live close to a center. I did not know of the social skills group, until the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Occupational Therapist (OT) at the clinic we attend told me. It is in the city on the other side of the twin cities but it is only two miles from the new school. So, if he goes there I will have him do ALL of his therapies at that site. It is is their main site and full of older clients so not as young a set and probably better overall. This is paid by insurance because it is a mental health group (I have done the pay for groups too).

    SO this organization has neuropsychologist that focuses on brain injury and this is thru that department. They have Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) (which we use another company for) but if we continue to work with them and it seems a better fit we will transfer our budget to them. They seem more able to go to other sites. Their name holds a lot of credibility too. I LOVE our current Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) (our beloved psychiatric who comes with me to all the IEP meetings and two Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers who have known Q for over a year and even if he is aggressive they dont quit, that has not been true for us most years).

    I just went through general intake and asked for anything they felt would apply to our situation. So far everything has been covered by his insurance and I haven't had to change the waiver at all. I am happy for this and hope it continues.
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    Glad to hear about this bright spot:)